Transform Your Math Class with Entrapment: Transformation Math Games

Are you a math teacher looking for a new and engaging way to teach your students about geometry? Look no further than Entrapment: Transformation Math Games. (free)

In this visually challenging game, students will learn about congruence through the use of translations, rotations, and reflections. At the beginning, the game may not seem too difficult – after all, players are just filling in patterns of squares. However, as the board fills up, it becomes increasingly difficult to find ways to slide, turn, and flip the available shapes to fit the remaining blank squares. The rotations in particular are sure to provide a real mental workout!

But it’s not just about having fun – this game also aligns with Common Core Mathematical Standards for grades 8, including 8.G.1 and 8.G.2. So not only will your students be entertained, they’ll also be learning important concepts.

Get your copy of Entrapment: Transformation Math Games today on TpT and add some excitement to your geometry lessons!

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