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Finding fun and exciting ways to teach fractions can be a challenge for teachers and parents alike. Practicing relentless drills and math worksheets is boring and does not add to learning. Using fraction games and activities, like the ones in the Ultimate Fraction Bundle, can make learning about fractions relevant and enjoyable for children. This can lead to better retention and success in the classroom.

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Here’s what some teachers have said so far:

“Had a chance to use 8 of them this last Friday. Very easy to put together. Easy instructions for kids. Can’t wait to use the rest!” – Sharon Y.

“Love, Love, Love!!!! These have been a super resource and my students love playing them.” – Tennille G.

“Great games-way to keep things fresh with my students” – Charmaine Clay

“Love all these activities. I am a former teacher/stay-at-home-mom/substitute/tutor. I am putting these together in a binder to use for my students and to take when I substitute in case we get done early with any lessons the teacher has planned. I’ve read through these as I was organizing and cutting cards. I think these will be easy for the kids to pick up on how to play, great review, and they will love it much better than just doing worksheets.” – Angelina M.

“Easy to use and the kids love these! I had parent volunteers put them all together and it was super easy to motivate the kids to use these. Thank you!” – Danna T.

“Purchased this for the fraction Pictionary…my 5th graders loved it and I can not wait to use more of these fraction file folder games! Thanks!” – Angela Nine

“Easy to assemble and kept students working and thinking!” – Mrs Fish

“Fractions seem to be a concept students can struggle with. What a fun resource and so many ideas to use! Thanks!” – Connie S.

“I love these mazes and used them during our decimal unit also. I have both parents and students requesting these to be printed to practice their math skills! They are highly engaging. I send these home for additional practice and use them as activities to complete after they are done with other classwork. It may seem to be expensive but they are definitely worth it as it covers MANY different fraction topics. Highly recommend.” –  Cassidy Berkheimer

“A wonderful edition to practicing fraction operations without being a worksheet or task cards. My students particularly enjoyed that they could “win” by completing the maze.” – Emma S.

FOUR great products are included in this math bundle:

Focus on Fractions bundle (50 Fraction Activities) ($9 Value)

This bundle encourages 3rd-8th grade age students to use focused games to build their knowledge of fractions. Using hands-on activities and products is a way to make math concepts more concrete and relevant to students. These games are perfect for small group, RTI, and one on one work time!

File Folder Fraction Games (26 Proven Fraction Games these are my best sellers) ($17 Value)

These printable file folder games are convenient and easy to put together. A quick trip to the laminator will provide you with a set of fun, lasting games that are sure to engage your students. This is a great test prep activity to use as an alternative to lecturing and worksheets.

28 Fraction Posters/Anchor Charts ($17 Value)

These prepared fraction posters and anchor charts are the perfect way to add reference materials while decorating your classroom! If students have these posters/charts available, they are likely to become more self-reliant with the goal being, not to even need them anymore.

Fraction Mazes/Worksheets Bundle ($9)

Any kid will tell you, math is more fun when they get to “play”. Using these maze activities (fun fraction worksheets) as a tool for learning can boost fraction skills as well as show students that math can be fun. Changing their attitude about learning is half the battle, and these fraction mazes/worksheets are a teacher’s secret weapon!

By bundling these amazing math products, you can save yourself time and money- precious things! These activities are created with teacher’s ease of use in mind with very little prep. Capture your students’ attention and help them be successful by making fractions fun and playful using this amazing bundle.

$9+$17+$17+$9 = $52 but when you buy this bundle you save $15

Focus on Fractions Activities

Fractions are one of the harder math concepts for students to learn, but they don’t have to be. One of the big complaints from students when they are struggling is “what does this have to do with anything?” There are so many ways to show students how they use fractions in every day life, from cooking to building. Focus On Fractions provides 50 fraction games and activities to help students understand fractions and decimals better.As educators you know grasping work with fractions and decimals is a key to understanding algebra and higher maths. All kids really want to know is when they are going to use this outside of school, so it’s your job to convince them they will. Unlike many kinds of higher math they might not use as frequently, fractions and decimals are used for so many basic things we take for granted every day. With Focus on Fractions you will have fraction activities on hand to show students all the ways understanding fractions is practical and necessary.Games like “Cooking With Fractions” help students learn how to double or triple a recipe. “Fractions of Time” helps them understand non-digital clocks and time measurements. “Menu Math” helps the students learn how to use decimals as they relate to money. Other fraction activities help them to understand dividing fractions and converting fractions into decimals. Fraction games like “Equivalent Fraction Dominos” and “Fraction Basketball” help them have fun while making the connections between fractions and the different ways they might use them in real life.

With 50 fraction activities total there are many options to choose from to allow students to learn in the method that makes the most sense to each of them. Focus On Fractions activities are designed to be usable with students in 3rd grade through 8th grade and even for homeschoolers. They are an exciting way to challenge children’s minds and help them see fractions and decimals from and new and fun perspective.


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Here’s a few Example of the Fraction Activities included in this Bundle:

Which Number is the Highest?

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Place three cards where students can see them well with the following values written on them: 75%, .78, and 7/10. Students must use pictures, numbers and words to describe their answers to this question: If the highest card wins the round, which card is the winner?

Simplifying Fractions Card Game (War Style)

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2 Players Game

– one deck of cards to share (face cards removed).
– Paper
– Pencils

1. Have each player draw a line across a sheet of paper to represent a fraction bar.
2. Players shuffle their deck of cards and distribute evenly between themselves.
3. Each player lays the stack of cards face down in front of them.
4. At the same time, players turn over one card and place it above the fraction bar (numerator position).
5. Turn over another card and place it below the fraction bar (denominator position).
6. There should be a card above the bar and a card below the bar, giving you four cards total. Making a 2 digit fraction over a two digit fraction (14/26)
7. The first player to simplify the fraction correctly gets to keep all four cards. If tie, split the cards.
If it cannot be simplified, each player should collect the card the other player put down and put it at the bottom of his deck.
8. Game is over when one player has collected all of the cards. You can also set a time limit. When time is up, whoever has the most cards wins!

The Next Level: Try adding more cards, making it 3 cards over 3 cards….

Fraction Basketball (Parts of a Whole)

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MATERIALS: Something to toss such as (crumpled paper, ping pong ball, etc.) Containers (small waste baskets or whatever you can find) Score Sheet PREPARATION: Each team places a trash can or container the same distance away from an established point (shooting line). Place tape on the point chosen. Make sure the distance is the same for each team’s shooting line to the container. HOW TO PLAY: Pick a team to go first. One at a time, each member of the first team stands at the shooting line and tries to shoot the crumpled paper into their basket. After every shot attempt, each team fills out their score sheet in the appropriate space by their name. The team with the highest score wins the game.

Fraction Flip It (Multiplying and Dividing Fractions)

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– Deck of playing cards,
– Fraction Flip It GAME SHEET
– paper and pencil for each player

PREPARE: Remove the face cards from the deck. Print out a copy of the game sheet for each player.

1. Shuffle the cards and stack them face down.
2. Player 1 draws the top card and places it on the game sheet.
3. Players continue drawing cards and placing them until they have filled all four spaces.
4. Each player multiplies the two fractions (aces = 1) and simplifies the answer if possible.
5. Player’s opponents check work.
6. Players compare correct answers and score points according to the code on game sheet. Players score in more than one category: Example – Correct answer is 5 points, did not have to simplify is 15 points, smallest answer of all the player’s answers is 5 points. So, for round 1 this player’s score would be 25.
7. Shuffle cards, and play Round 2. Play 12 rounds and whoever has the most points wins!

Visualizing Equivalent Fractions

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This activity provides an excellent visualization of equivalent fractions. Give each student a piece of white copy paper that’s blank. Have them fold it horizontally in half, open it again, and color one half of the paper. Next, have them fold the paper into fourths (half, then half again). Have them open up the paper and tell you how many fourths are equal to one half (2/4=1/2). Have them record this answer in a math journal for reference. Continue the same way having students fold the paper into eighths and sixteenths, each time recording their answers. As a challenge, they can then discover from their folded paper any other fractions that are equivalent! Fractional Me is a portrait created out of small squares and an activity that incorporates art! Younger students will use only whole squares, and older students can use squares cut into fourths, or even eighths! They glue the squares down to form a portrait, or picture, of themselves. They then must determine the fractional amounts of squares for each color used. These make a great display. Students can also calculate the portraits of their friends’ pictures.

Fractional Me

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Fractional Me is a portrait created out of small squares and an activity that incorporates art! Younger students will use only whole squares, and older students can use squares cut into fourths, or even eighths! They glue the squares down to form a portrait, or picture, of themselves.

They then must determine the fractional amounts of squares for each color used. These make a great display.

Students can also calculate the portraits of their friends’ pictures.


File Folder Fraction Games

File Folder Fraction Games: Fun Printable Fraction Games

Are you looking for some fun Fraction Games?

File Folder Fraction Games: Fun Printable Fraction Games

Are you Looking for a easy way to TEACH FRACTIONS?

Who Else Wants To Improve At Math And Have Fun While Doing It?

Introducing amazing fraction games that teach you fractions fast!

Imagine being able to actually have kids begging to practice fractions.

Wouldn’t that be great for a change?

Well, that’s now a real possibility. With these NEW fraction games, your kids will quickly develop confidence in their skills, allowing you to sit back and watch as they enjoy some friendly competition. This includes basic fraction, equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, ordering fractions, and much more!

Get these 26 Printable Fraction Games that make mastering fractions FUN for Upper Elementary & Middle School students.

File Folder Fraction Games: Fun Printable Fraction Games

Fraction Relay: Proper Fractions Games
Half N Half: Improper Fractions Games and Mixed Numbers Games
All The Same To Me: Fraction Games for 5th-8th Grade
Ordered Fractions – Fraction Games
Fraction Switch: Proper Fractions Games
Flip: Percentage Games
Unlucky Zeros: Reciprocals Fractions Games
Percentage Snape: Percentage Games
Fraction Spinners
Fraction Bash: Identify and Learn About Simple Fractions
Fraction War Card Game
4 Dice: Fraction Games (Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing Fractions)
Fraction Line Up: Ordering Fractions Game
Fraction Speedway: Identifying Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Contraptions: Create Equivalent Fractions Game
Fraction Flip: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing Fractions Game
High-Low-Medium Poker: Decimals, Fractions and Percentages Games
The War of Decimals, Fractions & Percentages Game
Spoons: Decimals Fractions Percentages Game
Fraction Pictionary: Recognizing Fractions with Drawing {Fraction Game}
Who “Owns” the Circle {Fraction Game}
Build-a-Fraction {Fraction Game}
Fraction Concentration (Fractions, Decimals & Percents Game)
Fraction Fishin’ Game (Fractions, Decimals, Per Cents & Equivalent Fractions)
Fraction Match: Equivalent Fractions, Decimals, and Per cents {Fraction Games}

Are you looking for some fun Fraction Games?
Your search is over! These fraction games will help your students learn to love math.

Fractions: Fraction Mazes – Fraction Worksheets BUNDLE

This is a “growing” bundle, so get it now before the price increases!

Fractions are important for students to memorize, but practicing these can be a bore; these mazes/worksheets add a fun factor to practicing fractions so that students will actually look forward to completing their math work.

These fraction worksheets/mazes build in difficulty so that you can easily differentiate for your different learners while maintaining rigorous instruction for all of your students.

Explore Each Fraction Worksheet/Maze Bundle Below:

  • Fraction Maze – Addition (free sample)
  • Fraction Maze – Subtraction
  • Fraction Maze – Comparing Fractions
  • Fraction Maze – Multiplication
  • Fraction Maze – Division
  • Fraction Maze – GCF
  • Fraction Maze – LCM
  • Fraction Maze – Mixed Numbers ADDITION
  • Fraction Maze – Mixed Numbers SUBTRACTION
  • Fraction Maze – Mixed Numbers MULTIPLICATION
  • Fraction Maze – Mixed Numbers DIVISION
  • Fraction Maze – Reducing Fractions to Lowest Terms
  • Fraction Maze – Improper Fraction ADDITION
  • Fraction Maze – Improper Fraction SUBTRACTION
  • Fraction Maze – Improper Fraction MULTIPLICATION
  • Fraction Maze – Improper Fraction – DIVISION

These Fraction worksheets/mazes gives the students a fun and differentiated activity while allowing for quick and painless grading! This is a great activity for students to complete as a practice or homework. It will help them practice their math, but also have fun going through the maze! Students will have more than one option for each answer, so they must correctly answer the question in order to find the solution. The maze is easy for the teacher to check quickly, so that students will be able to correct their errors right away. Included in this product is 11 fraction maze pages and an answer key for each maze. Once again I love how the answer key allows a quick way to check the maze for mistakes.

Although these worksheets/mazes can be used in a variety of ways (such as classwork, homework, or morning work), they make excellent math centers that are a snap to create; just laminate and use dry erase markers. Your students will be highly engaged in a challenging math activity with very little work on your part.

28 Fraction Anchor Charts & Fraction Posters

28 amazing and colorful fraction posters that student love looking back and referencing often!

Fraction Anchor Charts & Posters {Bundle}
Fraction Cards for Students Math Journals

Included in this bundle is 28 Fraction Posters & Fraction Anchor Charts to put on your Math Vocabulary board for students to use as a reference, they love putting these in their math journals.

Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster size) JPEG file, so you can get the actual poster printed. Just take to your local copy shop and have it printed in poster size.

Along with the poster there are also cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference the cards are also GREAT to glue into the students Math Journals. Students really enjoy using and putting these in their math binders!

The ULTIMATE Fraction Bundle

What’s Included in this Package?
– Focus on Fractions (50 Fraction activities/games)($9 Value)

– Plus 26 Proven Fraction Games (these are my best sellers) ($17 Value)

– Plus 28 Fraction Posters/Anchor Charts ($17 Value)

– Plus Fraction Mazes BUNDLE ($9)

$9+$17+$17+9 = $52 but if you buy this bundle you save $15


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