3rd Grade File Folder Math Games

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1. Equal Opportunity – I enjoy this game because it’s simple. The use of the balance makes the game intuitive.
2. The Cover Me series (Cover Me 1,2,3 and 4) – I think of it as more of a puzzle-type game, which I love figuring out.
3. Add the Triangles – This game is more on developing strategies since the students must carefully analyze what numbers to take on a turn.

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Don’t you love to play games? Third graders certainly do. Games can be both motivating and fun for elementary students. Opportunities to explore and learn fundamental number concepts can be provided by games.

Your Students can explore the following fundamental number concepts with the engaging 3rd grade math games in 3rd Grade File Folder Math Games Book.

• Computation strategies
• Counting sequence
• One-to-one Correspondence
• Place value
• Number combinations
• Patterns
• Many other important mathematical concepts

The file folder games can also give students opportunities to deepen both their mathematical reasoning and understanding. Experienced teachers know it is essential for students to play mathematical games often.

The reasons one of the most important tools for mathematical learning in elementary schools is games are:
• When students deepen their understanding of numbers and discover different problem solving strategies with game playing, their strategic mathematical thinking is encouraged.
• Teachers don’t have to provide problems for math practice. The file folder games can provide opportunities for practice. This will make it possible for the teacher to observe and assess the work of individual students.
• Computational fluency development of students is supported by their playing games repeatedly.
• Students can develop a familiarity of the number system and its “benchmark numbers” including 10s, 100s and 1000s with games. Games also allow students to engage in practice of computations and build a more comprehensive understanding of operations.
• When used as take-home practice, file folder games can support a school-to-home connection. When parents play these games with their child, they can learn about the child’s mathematical thinking and achievement.


The Common Core Standards for Mathematics requires students to develop computational fluency. Mathematical games provide meaningful practice. It has been found that by developing fact mastery with timed tests and drill techniques is not as successful as mathematical games and other experiences. In order to develop mathematical proficiency in students who can demonstrate computational fluency, appropriate mathematical activities such as games are essential building blocks. Games provide opportunities for students to develop computational fluency by using accurate, efficient and flexible strategies.

Advantages of Game Playing

For most students, games are not only fun. They can also create an opportunity for students to develop their mathematical reasoning. They can also develop computational fluency by playing and also analyzing the games. When the students examine the efficiency of the strategies they used and discuss the relationships between numbers. Games can provide opportunities for students to explore mathematical ideas. The games a teacher presents to students should meet the learners’ needs and also encourage the Common Core’s Standards for Mathematical Practice use. The 3rd Grade File Folder Math Games are specifically designed to meet the needs of 3rd grade students and the Common Core’s Standards.

Advantages Include:

• An experiential learning environment is created by games as the learners are engaged. A better understanding of information is built by the game’s interaction.
• Teaching and learning is enhanced by games and their design. The perspective, interactivity and narrative of learners is enhanced by the game environment.
• Games create a cognitive structure for problem solving.
• A game gives the learner many interesting choices.
• When playing a game, a child may be less self-conscious because he or she is having fun. A child will worry less making mistakes or failing as he or she would with other typical math practice.
• Playing games can reduce anxiety for a child and give the child a positive attitude toward math.
• Children are able to find real-life and practical ways to apply math skills.
• Children can learn ways of thinking and skills from each other.
• Without the pressure of being graded, children can try new ideas and strategies.

Types of 3rd Grade Math Games

Games aren’t limited to basic skills like counting. Games can help children practice many different kinds of math skills.

Matching games: Matching games gives children opportunities to practice keeping track of where they saw items and patterns.
Mystery games: Mystery games give students opportunities to remember information and to also narrow down the correct answer by using a strategy.
Spatial strategy games: Spatial strategy games provides students opportunities to use their geometry knowledge to identify things such as shapes and angles.
Numerical strategy games: A Numerical Strategy game such as Transum. For example, The Transum asks a student to identify three numbers that add up to 15.

Key Takeaways

• A good math game has the correct level of challenge and focuses on an explicit skill.
• There are many kinds of math games that can help a child practice his or her different skills.
• The 3rd Grade File Folder Math Games can provide teachers and parents many different types of games and math skills.

3rd Grade File Folder Math Games


What’s the Time? [3.MD.A.1]
Area Battle [3.MD.C.5a]
Occupy Space [3.MD.C.5b]
Perimeter Exchange [3.MD.D.8]
Mark the Hot Air Balloon [3.NBT.A.1]
3 Digits Tot Up [3.NBT.A.2]
Equal Opportunity [3.NBT.A.2]
Math Fight [3.NBT.A.2]
Value Me [3.NBT.A.3]
Name It, Draw It! [3.NF.A.1]
FracMatch [3.NF.A.3b]
Fragraph [3.NF.A.3b]
Lowest Match [3.NF.A.3b]
4 Then Four [3.NF.A.3d]
Let Me Guess [3.NF.A.3d]
More Chips to Win [3.NF.A.3d]
Always 5 Times [3.OA.C.7]
Bring Me 2 Heaven [3.OA.C.7]
DivLink [3.OA.C.7]
Multiple – Multiply I [3.OA.C.7]
Multiple – Multiply II [3.OA.C.7]
My Perfect Match [3.OA.C.7]
Relate Much [3.OA.C.7]
Solve It All You Want [3.OA.C.7]
Spin Eight [3.OA.C.7]
Toss Into the Air [3.OA.C.7]
Within Range [3.OA.C.7]
Add the Triangles [3.OA.D.8]
Cover Me [3.OA.D.8]
Cover Me II [3.OA.D.8]
Cover Me III [3.OA.D.8]
Cover Me IV [3.OA.D.8]
Guesstimate [3.OA.D.8]
Magic Number 15 [3.OA.D.8]
Mix and Matched [3.OA.D.8]
Variable Value [3.OA.D.8]

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3rd Grade File Folder Math Games


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