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ULTIMATE Resource for Solving Equation Games, Activities, Worksheets & Posters/Anchor Charts

31 Solving Equations games and activities
Big Bundle of Algebra Mazes/Worksheets
15 Solving Equations Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students BUNDLE

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31 Solving Equations Games and Activities

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This Focus on Solving Equations bundle is geared towards fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth-grade and homeschooled students, the 31 games and activities included in the bundle designed to help students learn the concepts of algebra while showing them how to solve algebraic equations and expressions through solving basic equations, two-step equations and equations with variables on both sides. The 31 games and activities included in the Solving Equations bundle encompass such exciting examples as Four in a Row, Substitutional Spiral: One and Two-Step Equation Game, Equation Wipe-Out, Substitution Cross-Off, Build an Expression: Simplifying Expressions Solving Equations Game, Walkabout, Balance the Scale, Let’s Go Shopping and more.

Additionally, there is including a free sample of  with the Solving Equations package, enabling students to dynamically engage in one and two-step equations games. Equation Rummy  forces students to think carefully about the cards they decide to keep, since they are not only selecting the numbers which will work to yield a positive answer for a result, but also the appropriate symbol cards to give their equation meaning.

Further, Equation Rummy provides an ideal way to model simple equations and acts as a perfect introduction to equation-solving for a sixth or seventh-grade class. The protocol at the game’s center utilizes a common core mathematical standard that challenges students to reason about and solve one-variable equations and inequalities, solve real-world and mathematical problems by writing and solving equations of the “x + p = p” and “px = q” form for cases in which “p,” “q” and “x” all represent “nonnegative rational numbers.”

Big Bundle of Algebra Mazes/Worksheets

($12 Value)
Preview-Template(this is a “growing” bundle so get it now while it’s still small!)

These algebra mazes gives the students a fun and differentiated activity while allowing for quick and painless grading! This is a great activity for students to complete as a practice or homework. It will help them practice their math, but also have fun going through the maze!

Students will have more than one option for each answer, so they must correctly simplify the expression in order to find the solution.

The maze is easy for the teacher to check quickly, so that students will be able to correct their errors right away.

Slide22Included in this product is 11 order of operation maze pages and an answer key for each maze

Once again I love how the answer key allows a quick way to check the maze for mistakes.

The complete bundle of Algebra Mazes Includes
Level 1 One-step Equations
Level 2 – Two-step Equations
Level 3 – Combining Like Terms
Level 4 – X’s on both sides
Level 5 – Distributive Property

15 Solving Equations Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students BUNDLE

($11 Value)
Colorful Anchor charts to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference.

Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference the cards are also GREAT to glue into the students Math Journals.

ALSO INCLUDED: 24inch x 36inch (poster size) JPEG file included, so you can get the actual poster printed. Just take to your local copy shop and have it printed in poster size.

Check out below the posters that are included in this bundle:
1. Combining Like Terms = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Math Journals
2. Inverse Operations = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Math Journals
3. One Step Equations = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
4. Solve an Equation = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
5. Graphic Organizer for the Methods to Solving Systems
6. Equation Break Down = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
7. I Can Write An Equation = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
8. Simplifying Like Terms = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
9. Strategies for Combining Things That Come In Groups Poster
10. Understanding Equation = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
11. Solving Equations = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
12. Equation = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students
13. Multiple Representations for Solving Equations Poster
14. One Step Equation = Poster/Anchor Chart with Cards for Students Math Journal
15. Solving Algebraic Equations – Addition Poster
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Here’s a few more Solving Equation Activities included in this Bundle:

Back of cardsTo Combine or Not To Combine

This game is a game of speed. You’ll need to prepare some items in advance. For a 50-minute session, you’ll need 100-150 flashcards with numerical expressions written on them. You’ll also need some mini post-its so that you can number the flash cards for this session but renumber them for another session. At this point, we’re trying to get the students to understand parts of an equation before working to solve an equation.

The cards should have expressions like:
5x + 2x
7y + 2a
6xy + 8x
7y + 9y – 2y
5xy + 4xy

Give each student a worksheet to use. The worksheet should have two columns. One marked “Yes” and one marked “No.” The worksheet should be numbered so that there is a number for each flashcard that matches the post-it on the flash card.

Now get ready, get set, go! Flash each card very quickly in front of the class. On their sheets, students must mark whether the expression can be combined further or not. They can place a checkmark in the column for “yes” when an expression can be combined and made simpler and an “x” in the column for “no” when the expression can’t be combined any further. No cheating or talking out loud!

Once you’re finished with all the cards, have students exchange them and provided answer keys to check the answers. You can extend this activity the following day by discussing expressions that students didn’t categorize correctly.


Use your classroom whiteboards or white poster paper to write a number of different algebraic expressions. Now divide your class into four teams. Give each team a different color marker. For each expression the team must write something different than the team before them. For example, let’s say the expression is x + 5.

Once all the rounds of writing are finished you might have something like this: x + 5

1) A number plus 5 (team black writes this one)
2) Five added to a number (team blue writes this one)
3) A number increased by 5 (team red writes this one)
4) Five more than a number (team green writes this one)

Here are some algebraic expressions you can use but feel free to try any you like.

y – 8
3n + 4
x/-5 + 3
2(x – 6)
8x + 1
-3y – 9

Once you’ve had the class do this, review each group of written statements to see if they are accurate descriptions of the expressions. Mention the fact that math is a universal language and that the symbols are clear even if there are lots of different ways to write it out in words.

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