5th Grade File Folder Math Games

5th Grade File Folder Math Games

“Love it! What a great way to practice skills. My kids love them too!” – Julie K.

“Just what I was looking for. A fun game pairing students who will plot points using a deck of cards. Thank you!” – Barb Young

“A fun way to learn ordered pairs.” – Karen B.

“Great for extra practice! Thank you for sharing.” – Mary W.

“There simply are no words to explain how much I appreciate all of the work that went into these. Excellent content, fun for students, and easy for me. Win, win, win!” – Buyer

“Can’t wait to put these together and use next year.” – Lisa R.

“Awesome resource! This worked great with my students! Thank you.” – Janet G.

“I’ve spent the last few weeks preparing these in file folders. It would be really cool if you could include a sample of each game completed in a folder so that we could see how you assemble then in a folder. Some of them are multiple board games which makes it a little hard to put in the folder, but I am figuring it out! Thanks again!” – Tiny Teacher Inc

“I love using these for math centers as extra practice! Thanks!” – AppleJacks

Our innovative math games will help your students understand math concepts, even if they are struggling in school. We know how difficult it can be to learn math, it only gets harder the more advanced the math becomes. But our innovative math games makes it easy and fun to practice these math concepts, your kids will even enjoy math with our file folder games.

What are file folder games?

File folder games, or printable games, are helpful resources that can be downloaded, printed, and used like any other board game after they are folded and glued correctly. We pattern our games after popular kid’s games like tic tac toe and rummy which makes kids catch on to the game quickly.

Benefits math games include:

  • Students will be more motivated to learn.
  • They will become more active in class.
  • Kids will be more likely to practice math.


5th Grade

File Folder Math Games

[5.G.A.1] Letter on Point
[5.G.A.1] Sink or Swim
[5.G.A.1] XOX
[5.G.A.2] Guiding the Point
[5.MD.A.1] Measurement Wheel
[5.NBT.A.1] Place the Value
[5.NBT.A.3a] Frac-De-Mo
[5.NBT.A.3a] Place Value Race
[5.NBT.A.3a] The Motormouth and the Penman
[5.NBT.A.3b] 3-Decimal Jumble
[5.NBT.A.3b] Decimal Factory
[5.NBT.A.3b] Decimal Order
[5.NBT.A.4] Kick Out
[5.NBT.A.4] Round and Climb
[5.NBT.B.7] 10-20 Challenge
[5.NBT.B.7] Decimal Product Wheel
[5.NBT.B.7] Decimal Trails – Addition
[5.NBT.B.7] Difference Tally
[5.NBT.B.7] Finding the Digits – Addition
[5.NBT.B.7] Finding the Digits – Subtraction
[5.NBT.B.7] Know My Worth
[5.NBT.B.7] Making Me Whole
[5.NBT.B.7] Sum Tally
[5.NBT.B.7] Two Decimals Product Wheel
[5.NBT.B.7] Two-Colored Decimal – Add and Subtract
[5.NBT.B.7] Two-Colored Decimal – Multiply and Divide
[5.NF.A.1] 1-2 Challenge
[5.NF.A.1] Filling the Missing – Add and Subtract
[5.NF.A.1] Frac-Add Race
[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Addition War
[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Dominoes
[5.NF.A.1] Fraction Scrabble
[5.NF.A.1] Hitting the Target
[5.NF.A.1][5.NF.B.4] Operation Frac-Race
[5.NF.A.1][5.NF.B.6] Level Up Fraction Scrabble
[5.NF.B.4] Fraction Multiplication Bingo
[5.NF.B.4] Fraction Product Wheel
[5.NF.B.4] In and Out Fraction Multiplication
[5.NF.B.4] The Larger Fraction
[5.NF.B.4][5.NF.B.7] Filling the Missing – Multiply and Divide
[5.NF.B.7] Fraction Quotient Wheel
[5.OA.A.1] Magic 18
[5.OA.A.1] Cart Off
[5.OA.A.2] Expression Challenge


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“Thank you for making upper elementary school file folders. They are harder to find and I am very happy I found them with you! Thank you so much! Great resource to add to my collection.” – Bobbi Y.

“Very simple to use. I printed to cardstock and use these as review games at the end of units and for times when students are finished with work.”

“I’m excited to get these together for my class! The games look so fun and engaging!” – Cathy L.

“I use these in my resource room for guided centers. The kids are engaged and enjoy them once they learn the rules. Thank you!” – Jacqueline G.

“I’ve used your games in my grade 3 class, and happy to have some for my new grade 5 class. Thanks!” – Lisa

“Love the ability to use these with my math rotations!” – Megan P.

“This will save me a lot of prep time. I had heard of many of these games, but the thought of creating them from scratch was daunting. I also love that you have included the “I Can” statements. Our district is big on this, so that will be useful for me too. I’m looking forward to trying these games out this year.” – Teresa G.


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—- BONUS —-

5th Grade MATH CCSS “I Can” Statements {Editable PowerPoint Included}

Here are kid friendly “I Can” statements for each of the CCSS, with relevant pictures/images to help students remember what they are learning. Start using these during math discussions and lesson wrap-ups. Post them within your room for students to refer to.

In many classroom teachers have to display the standards that they are working on. Instead of just posting the standard, try displaying kid friendly I CAN statements. Here are all of the CCSS I CAN statements for 5th Grade Mathematics.

Included is a PDF file AND an editable PowerPoint file, so you can make changes as you see fit.

“Great tool and love that I can tweak or add to them!” – Susan L.

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“These will be great for this year! Thank you :)” – Jessica S.