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PlaceValueGIFFocus on Place Value bundle is a downloadable bundle of 28 games and activities to teach place value for kids in second to sixth grade. An excellent resource for teachers and homeschooling parents, Focus on Place Value can help students to understand place value. These place value games & activities for kids are fun and instructional.

Many students struggle to fully conceptualize math and studies show this is often because they do not grasp place value. When they begin to study decimals students are often confused because they lack this base knowledge. Many students are visual learners who visualize a number when given. Without proper understanding of place values they may become confused by numbers with several digits or ignore the decimal point altogether. To develop a proper understanding of place values students need to understand multiples of tens and understand how numbers relate to other numbers. Through place value activities they can visualize and learn how to read, write and comprehend numbers better.

Focus on Place Value  provides place value games and activities (including decimal place value games & activities) with multiple levels within each game so students can build upon previous plays. The activities can be used over the course of five years as they learn more and more complex aspects of place value. Place value worksheets are also included in the download.

A Few Activities & Games Included:


Place Value Mysteries

Place Value Mysteries“My students and I both loved these activities. Thanks” – Debbie K.

“My students love this game!!” – WENDY Z.

“Great resource for my math centers!” – Faye D.[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Place Value People

Place Value People“Love your file folder activities.” – Tammy C.

“A wonderful visual learning took. Thanks!” – The Salted Notebook

“Thanks for such a simple but effective resource” – Buyer

“Good fun for the kids!” – Louise S.

“Great Resource!” – Tammie R.[/one_half_last]


Place Value Yahtzee

Place Value Yahtzee “My kids loved this game and I did too because it provided fun practice for the kids. Thanks!” – Anna G.

“What a fun way to learn!” – Lisa C.

“Love this! It is a great way to make learning fun for my students!” – Davon I.
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“Speed” Place Value Yahtzee

“Speed” Place Value Yahtzee“Great for review in my math centers!” – Faye D.

“Will be using this soon!” – Lisa F.

“These will be great for centers! I think the kids will be very engaged.” – Elizabeth B.

“I love the spin you put on one of my favorite childhood games.” – Anjanette N.[/one_half_last]


Place Value Battleship

9302a66b138ae48a0b96ec2040b53423[1]“My students really enjoyed this game. It was a favorite of our math games station. Great resource!”” – Catherine D.

“Great resource for my math centers!” – Faye D.

“I’m looking forward to trying this with the students.” – Tracey P.

“My kids loved this! Thank you!” – Alexandria L.

“A fun way to consolidate learning.” – Leanne B.

“My children enjoyed playing this game in a math center.” – Robin P.

“My students enjoy using this as a math station game.” – Lorrie S.

“Wonderful! My students love real battleship so this was an easy sell!” – Ms S Superstars
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Place Value Bingo Base 10 Blocks

Place Value Bingo“This was a fun way to reinforce math skills with my students.” – Catherine D.

“Super helpful with students!” – Samantha P.

“The best way to get a child to learn a skill is through BINGO!!!! lol” – Deana B.

“Great resource! It’s a hit with my bilingual and non-bilingual students” – Olivia L.

“Lovely addition to our Math Fun Fridays!” – Lauren B.

“These will be great to use for my students. They love to play bingo. Thank you!” – Lorna N.

“Great resource. Love that you made 30 different bingo cards for each level. I have 27 students this year and nothing is more annoying to children than 5 of them having the exact same board!!” – Jennifer A.

With a total of 28 different activities students will be challenged to continue working with place value in new and increasingly complex ways that prepare them for real life scenarios. Through enjoyable games they are able to relate to the numbers in a less intimidating fashion that opens their minds to see the numbers from a different perspective.

“Wow!! Great resource! My students love playing it!” – Bonnie J.

“I couldn’t resist this!!! It is awesome!!! Thanks so much!” – Carla W.

“These are great for the beginning of the year and getting the students interested in their rotations” – Jeanellyn Hemmerick

“What a lovely range of games! There are games that are easier and others more difficult. Similar to games the students would know (ie Yahtzee). Ease to differentiate for different levels and needs. Thanks for such a complete product!” – DonnaLee J.

“Oh this is awesome my students love it and they are picking up on the concept of place value so quickly!!! Thank you!!!” – Consuelo Marshall

“Perfect for the beginning of the year. I particularly love the Yahtzee game! Great resources for place value.” – Ann G.

Place Value Posters/Anchor Charts with Cards for Students Math Journals


Included in this bundle is 8 place value anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference.

Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster size) JPEG file, so you can get the actual poster printed. Just take to your local copy shop and have it printed in poster size.

Along with the poster there are also cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference the cards are also GREAT to glue into the students Math Journals. Students really enjoy using and putting these in their math binders!

Download Free Sample: Place Value Read and Write to 1000 (POSTER)

Here’s a few more Place Value Activities included in this Bundle:

Place Value Battleship

Place Value Card
Give students a sheet and allow them to make their own number, not letting the opponent see. Students take turns guessing the digits of the opponent’s number, using mathematically correct words
(Example: Is there a 9 in the tens place?)
Students take turns guessing digits until one has discovered the others’ number and “sinks their battleship”!

Download Free: Place Value Battleship

 Place value people

Students understand concepts better when they “act” them out, even in math!

For this kinesthetic activity, I have digits written and laminated on construction paper. Each paper has one number on it. I add a piece of paper with a comma and the word “thousand” written under it, and another that says million under it. Also, I laminate one with a decimal point that says “and” under it.

Place ValueI randomly pass out the papers to students, and I make up a number and tell the class. As I say the number again, students take their places in the front of the class if they have the correct digits, and line themselves up correctly to match the number called out.

They must hold numbers in front of their chest where everyone can see them. They can collaborate as well. Once they believe they are set, I have another student who didn’t get to play this round read us the number made. As a class, we determine if they are correct!

Cards are passed out randomly again, and we continue to play as time allows.

Download Free:Place Value People

Place Value Mysteries

Detective_Students can design their own mysteries after working through this mystery together.

Students can then create and solve each other’s mysteries.

1 ) The mystery number has …
A 8 in the Tens place.
A 3 in the Ones place.
A 8 in the Thousands place.
A 8 in the Ten Thousands place.
A 4 in the Hundreds place.
A 6 in the Hundred Thousands place.
What is the mystery number ?
Answer = 688,483
Download Free: Place Value Mysteries

Focus on Place Value

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A Few Excerpts of Research Findings Regarding Place Value:

“Whole number vertical computational algorithms have negative effects on the development of number sense and numerical reasoning.” (Kammi, 1994, Vince Wright 2000)

“The standard computational algorithms for whole numbers are “harmful” for two reasons. First, the algorithms encourage students to abandon their own operational thinking. Second, the algorithms “unteach” place value, which has a subsequent negative impact on the student’s number sense” (Kammi & Dominick, 1998)

“Place Value is extremely significant in mathematical learning. Yet students tend to neither acquire an adequate understanding of place value nor apply their knowledge when working with computational (procedural) algorithms.” (Fuson, 1990; Jones and Thornton, 1989)

“Students associate the place-value meanings of “hundreds, tens, ones” more in terms of order in placement than in base-ten groupings” (Bendarnz and Janvier 1982)

“A major reason for place value lapses is the linguistic complexity of our place value system in English. For example, we do not name “tens” as done in some languages” (e.g. “sixty” vs. “six-tens”) (Fuson, 1990; English and Halford, 1995)

“Students with a weak understanding of place value have a difficult time understanding decimals…students will often assume that “more digits” implies that a number is larger.” (Heibert and Wearne, 1986)

“Many students never master the standard long-division algorithms. Even less gain a reasonable understanding of either the algorithm or the answers it produces. A major reason a underlying this difficulty is the fact that thee standard algorithm (as usually taught ) asks students to ignore place value understandings” (Silver et al., 1993)

Focus on Place Value

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