7th Grade File Folder Math Games

7th Grade File Folder Math Games

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7th Grade File Folder Math Games


Expression Frenzy —————————- [7.EE.A.1]
A Game With Venn ————————— [7.EE.B.3]
Examine Completely ————————- [7.EE.B.3]
Expression Bet ——————————— [7.EE.B.3]
Mix Operations ——————————— [7.EE.B.3]
Remember Me ———————————- [7.EE.B.3]
Transmogrify ————————————- [7.EE.B.3]
Transmogrify 2 ———————————- [7.EE.B.3]
Triple Shuffle ————————————- [7.EE.B.3]
Equation Memory Game ———————– [7.EE.B.4b]
Inequality Maze ——————————– [7.EE.B.4b]
Inequality Race ——————————— [7.EE.B.4b]
Inequality Test ———————————– [7.EE.B.4b]
Throw For My Area —————————- [7.G.B.4]
Work Out With Pi —————————— [7.G.B.4]
Angle Dominoes ——————————– [7.G.B.5]
Matching Triangles —————————- [7.G.B.6]
Polygon Battle ———————————- [7.G.B.6]
Polygon Mokshapat ————————– [7.G.B.6]
S.A. Discovery ———————————- [7.G.B.6]
Square Shoot-Out —————————– [7.G.B.6]
The Area Race ———————————- [7.G.B.6]
Absolute Opposite —————————– [7.NS.A.1a]
Going Back Home —————————– [7.NS.A.1b]
I Am a Hero ————————————– [7.NS.A.1b]
Divisibility Master —————————— [7.NS.A.2b]
Hundred-Thousand-Dollar Quest ———— [7.NS.A.2b]
Answer Me Wrong —————————– [7.NS.A.3]
Examine Me ————————————- [7.NS.A.3]
Fill Me With Picture ————————– [7.NS.A.3]
Integer Hexagon ——————————- [7.NS.A.3]
Integer Trails – Addition ———————- [7.NS.A.3]
Integer Trails – Subtraction —————– [7.NS.A.3]
Integers in Line ——————————— [7.NS.A.3]
Mathema-Checkers ————————— [7.NS.A.3]
Missing the Signs —————————– [7.NS.A.3]
Ready, Jet, Bingo! —————————– [7.NS.A.3]
Roll It, Mix It! ———————————— [7.NS.A.3]
Take Me to the Highest Spot ————– [7.NS.A.3]
The Amazing Frac-Race ——————– [7.NS.A.3]
The Zero Chase ——————————– [7.NS.A.3]
Tour in the Outer Space ——————– [7.NS.A.3]
Treasure Hunting —————————— [7.NS.A.3]
Increase or Decrease ———————— [7.RP.A.3]
Solving in Rush! ——————————– [7.RP.A.3]
3M & R ——————————————- [7.SP.B.4]
3M Stratagem ———————————- [7.SP.B.4]
60 Seconds ————————————- [7.SP.B.4]
What Do You Mean? ———————— [7.SP.B.4]
Factorial Workout —————————- [7.SP.C.8b]

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What are file folder games?

File folder games, or printable games, are helpful resources that can be downloaded, printed, and used like any other board game after they are folded and glued correctly. We pattern our games after popular kid’s games like tic tac toe and rummy which makes kids catch on to the game quickly.

Benefits math games include:

  • Students will be more motivated to learn.
  • They will become more active in class.
  • Kids will be more likely to practice math.

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