Justin HolladayJustin Holladay:
Math Teacher and now iOS Game designer, Justin Holladay has developed an extensive background in the education realm. Justin’s passion for helping students reinforce essential math skills led him to attaining his B.Ed. and B.A.S. in Mathematics/Science from the University of Lethbridge. As an iOS game designer, Justin pursues his passion of supporting teachers in effective teaching and integration of math games into their daily lessons.

When Justin is not in the classroom sharing his math apps or collaborating with teachers on new ways to implement best practices using the iPad, he is developing and designing new math games to be utilized in the classroom. Understanding the importance of technology in the classroom, Justin is focused on leveraging these devices to improve assessment practices and increase differentiation and collaboration. In November, 2012, Justin released his first math game as an iOS game developer.

Why Math “File Folder” Games?

File Folder Games are a simple way to be ready at any moment to play a math game. Storing the math games in file folders allows for easy access and easy storage. While it isn’t necessary to store these games in file folders, I recommend it for its ease of use. Other storage methods might be more suited to your own situation. Above all, Math File Folder Games makes playing math games an easy option for your students and children.

How would you describe us to a friend?

“I am so happy that I have this page and really appreciate the all your techniques and strategy and excited much to apply all these in my class this coming school year 2017-2018 and ahead. And really have the heart to share with my colleagues in school. And I’m sure all pupils will learn so much fun in this particular subject”

– Mary Grace, Grade 5-6 Teacher

“I have already referred you to friends and talked about what a lifesaver you have been for my kiddos who finish assignments or assessments and need some stimulation (not from the computer) you have also inspired my kids to create their own game boards as well.”

– Maria Zappia, Grade 4-4 Teacher

” MathFileFolderGames has a wonderful collection of resources that support both my students’ and my needs. The games motivate the students to practice and to reinforce their skills in a way they really enjoy. The collections have enough variety that I can offer them more than one game choice for many of the skills. As their teacher, I use them to assess the students’ learning and to differentiate. As a “bonus”, the games are easy to set up and to prepare. The collection is continuously growing so it is getting harder to NOT find a game to support whatever topic I am teaching ~~ I think I have every game they have created for Grade 3 and up!!”

– Lynne Menechella, Grade 5-8 Teacher

” This newsletter offers a variety of fresh approaches to math practice of concepts that many students find challenging.”

– Kathleen Ogden, Grade 5-8 Teacher

” Stunning ideas which are easy to implement, with successful learning happening!!”

– Lyn Vink, Grade K-6 Teacher

” good resource for intervention or small group”

– Amanda Curlin, Grade 5-6 Teacher

” A website which helps to transform the teaching of Mathematics”

– Agnes Smith-james, Grade 3-4 Teacher

” Easy math games with little prepping involved”

– Brianna Chase, Grade 3-4 Teacher

” They provide games that the kids and easily understand the instructions and begin to use quickly to help build their skills that they are struggling in.”

– Pauline Ritchie, Grade 5-6 Teacher

” Great hands on games to make math fun. Thought provoking activities to help students think outside the box. A helpful teacher tool so you don’t have to create everything yourself.”

– Wendy Davidson, Grade 3-4 Teacher

” MathFileFolderGames is what it sounds like except it isn’t for younger elementary students. It’s for middle schoolers and is portable. You don’t need a textbook or lot of supplies, just the folder and a ziplock bag for storing materials. This is ideal for car schooling or doing school on the go, as well as in a structured learning environment.”

– Darby, Homeschooling Parent

” A site to go to if you ever need extra ways to get the kids to learn anything in math.Fun hands on math games.”

– Heather Munoz, Grade 3-6 Teacher

” Math File Folders Games has games to help students learn math skills while they have having fun. The kids don’t realize that they are learning math.”

–  Angela Austin, Grade 3-4 Teacher

” fun, positive ways to integrate learning in a packed schedule”

– Terri Hickman, Grade K-6 Teacher

” A tool to help take the yuck factor out of math”

– Dawn, Grade K-2 & 5-6 Teacher

” number sense for grades 3-5 that are not babyish”

– Kathleen Longendyke, Grade 3-6 Teacher

” A great resource to finding ways to make math come alive.”

– Cindy Williams, Grade K-6 Teacher

” Fun activities that are easy to explain or that the kids can figure out by themselves if I am working with another group.”

– Becky Quenzer, Grade 3-4 Teacher

” Engaging games where students are learning while having fun.”

– Shannon Vincent, Grade 5-6 Teacher



A mythical figure (who) possesses math skills of a much higher level than that of an average mortal man. (Believed by some to have the ability to solve complex quadratic equations with minimal expenditure of time and/or physical exertion.) UrbanDictionary.com

Are you a math magician? A math magician, I believe, is simply someone who loves math and wants to share it with others in a fun way. A math magician is a tutor/teacher/parent who wants to help their students learn to love math and do it in a fun and engaging way. Math games, be it a file folder game or even an iphone app, are an exceptional way to engage your students.

Hi, my name is Justin Holladay. I live up in Canada and I love math. Can’t say I’m a real math magician with super-power math skills but I love playing with and finding cool ways to engage with it. I like helping students enjoy math, so by my own definition I am a math magician. 🙂

I believe that students learn math best while playing math games BUT only when a teacher or parent (or some other math magician) is there to help, either by first teaching a mathematical principle, coaching them while they play or even just being there to encourage them when they have difficulty. Unstructured play is good but many students will fall into the habit of guessing and not really caring about the outcome. Let’s be honest, most middle school students don’t think math is a “fun” subject. I believe that by using games in conjunction with a lesson they are much more effective and students come to find math more interesting.

My goal is to help you help your students reinforce essential math skills, by allowing students to practice math in an engaging, highly involved way. I want to support you in effective teaching.

These math games and math apps are great for center work, and make it easy to extend class work to be done at home.


Ok this isn’t me but this is one of my heroes in the world of math.

a Math Magician

Can you mentally multiply enormous numbers faster than a calculator? Memorize a 100 digit number? Figure the day of the week of anyone’s birthday? These are just some of the many feats of mind that will be demonstrated at this event. Mathematics can be a difficult and perhaps puzzling subject for many. But watch in amazement as one of the world’s fastest human calculators shows his ability to turn math into magic.

Arthur Benjamin, Ph.D. is a professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA. He is the author of Secrets of Mental Math and Proofs that Really Count as well as co-editor of the journal Math Horizons. Fusing his love of both mathematics and magic, he has appeared at the World Science Festival in New York and the Magic Castle in Hollywood. Reader’s Digest calls him “America’s Best Math Whiz”.

Math File Folder Games

A mathematical game is a fun and challenging context in which students interact cooperatively or competitively to achieve a defined goal within a specified set of circumstances while learning or practicing math skills.

Math games are a great tool to involve parents, guardians, siblings and other important people in the child’s life. It is a great way to facilitate the home and school connection.

Benefits of Math Games:

  1. Allows students to apply what they know
  2. Creates a positive mathematical environment
  3. Shared experience as we get to know each other; reduces prejudice toward other students
  4. Are highly motivational
  5. Provides practice in specific skills
  6. Utilizes student problem-solving competence
  7. Increases ability to communicate (through the use of math vocabulary)
  8. Increases ability to reason mathematically, strategically
  9. Enhances student’s perception of the value of mathematics
  10. Develops self-confidence


  1. People of all ages enjoy games
  2. Games reinforce and review concepts
  3. Help students recall ideas
  4. Are a fun way to REVIEW