Estimate ‘N Measure: A Fun Math Game for Measuring Irregular Shapes

In this game, kids will have the opportunity to practice measuring irregular shapes using either inches or centimeters.

To play, each player will start with a shape and a die. On their turn, they will roll the die and estimate a distance along the perimeter of their shape equal to the value rolled. They’ll mark their estimate with a pencil and then use a string to measure the actual distance from the starting point. If their estimate is within 2 cm, they can take another turn, but if it’s off by more than 2 cm, they forfeit their turn. The first player to successfully measure the entire perimeter of their shape is the winner.

One of the key things kids will learn with this game is the importance of precision when measuring. It’s easy to get inaccurate measurements if the string isn’t aligned properly with the figure or if the ruler isn’t used carefully.

After kids have finished the supplied figures, they can even create their own wild and wacky designs and challenge their opponents to measure them. It’s a great way to mix things up and get creative with math.

This game aligns with the Common Core Mathematical Standards for measuring lengths indirectly and estimating lengths in standard units, as well as the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice of using appropriate tools strategically.

There are also a few adaptations you can try to mix things up: substitute two 6-sided dice for the 12-sided die to reduce the odds of making larger moves along the edge of the shape; have kids estimate the perimeter of their shape before starting the game and keep track of the actual length as they play; or have kids draw their own irregular shapes to create their own game boards and see whose game board is closest to 80 cm when verified through playing the game.

We hope you give this game a try and see how much fun math can be!

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