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These order of operations worksheets (I mean fun mazes) gives the students a fun and differentiated activity while allowing for quick and painless grading! This is a great activity for students to complete as a practice or homework. It will help them practice their Order of Operations, but also have fun going through the maze!

output_pwxWOAGet the complete bundle of Order of Operations Mazes (These worksheets are ALL included in THIS bundle)

Level 1 – WITHOUT Parentheses/Brackets & Exponents (44 different worksheets with an answer key) (free sample)

Level 2 – WITH Parentheses/Brackets but WITHOUT Exponents (77 different worksheets with an answer key)

Level 3 – WITH Parentheses/Brackets AND Exponents (77 different worksheets with an answer key)

Students will have more than one option for each answer, so they must correctly simplify the expression in order to find the solution. The maze is easy for the teacher to check quickly, so that students will be able to correct their errors right away. Included in this product is 143 order of operation maze pages (and counting) and an answer key for each maze.


5 Dice: Order of Operations Games
Solve problems involving multiple steps and multiple operations. Role the dice, these values are now used to construct an equation with the result as close to the target as possible using the rules stated below. Assume we rolled the values shown

NUMBER RUMMY – Order of Operations
RULES: One player shuffles the deck and deals seven cards, face-down, to each player. Then she places the remainder of the deck face-down in the center of the table and, Finally, turns the top card of the deck face-up next to the deck. This card starts the discard pile.

Each player builds books of two or more cards whose numbers combine in some way to make 10. The numbers may be combined using any operations the player knows.

Order of Operation Bowling (free sample)
Roll 4 dice, and write down each number in the frame box. Using all four numbers, try to find an equation with an answer that is one of the numbers on the bowling pins.

Example: if you roll a 3,4,2,2, you could make the equation (4+3)+2-2 = 7. You would then color in pin #7

TARGET NUMBER: Order of Operations Game
To play the game, the player to the left of the player who Shuffled, copies the top-digit any one of her four squares. Then the top-digit card is turned face-down beside the digit-deck. Play continues in this manner until all players have filled in their four squares. Each player adds her four numbers. The player with the sum nearest the target number, 20, wins the game.

Time Filler: Get as Close as You Can!
Pick a random number in the thousands and write it on the board. You can tell students it is your Target Number….


A Poster/anchor chart to put on your Math Vocabulary board to use as a reference. Along with cards to use as bookmarks for a quick reference, students love putting these in their interactive note books.

Also included is a 24inch x 36inch (poster size) JPEG file included, so you can get the actual poster printed. Just take to your local copy shop and have it printed in poster size.

1. Order of Operations – PEMDAS
2. Solving Expression Using Order of Operations
3. PEMDAS – Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (free)
4. Arithmetic & Algebra – Order of Operations
5. Order of Operations
6. GEMS – Order of Operations
7. Order of Operations Mario Poster

Common Core Standards:

5.OA.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols.
5.OA.2 Write and interpret numerical expressions.
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