Fraction Fun with Pictionary: Boost Your Understanding and Recognition Skills!

I’ve been having a blast in my math class with a game called Fraction Pictionary. It’s a super fun way to reinforce what we’ve learned about fractions in earlier grades and get us excited to learn more in 5th grade.

In Fraction Pictionary, we work in teams to try to guess the fraction and symmetrical object that our teammate is drawing. It’s a great way to really understand and recognize fractions using a variety of objects, not just circles, squares, and rectangles.

We can adjust the timing of the rounds to match our skill level, and even make our own card sets to challenge the other teams. This game is a great introduction to new fractions and a helpful review for fractions we already know.

If you’re an educator looking for a fun way to teach fractions, give Fraction Pictionary a try. Your students will love it!

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