Four In A Row

Submitted by Jennifer

The teacher creates a game board for each fact 2-12 using Microsoft Word. The orientation is set to landscape. On the left hand side of the game-board is an 8 x 4 table with the products of the multiplication facts randomly placed in each box.

For example, if it is a game board for 5s multiplication then all of the products for 5s up to 5 x 12= 60 is in the box. ONLY PUT THE PRODUCTS.

Underneath the box is Player 1_________ and Player 2__________. On the write hand side is one long rectangle with lines.

The teacher creates index cards with the numbers 1-12 on them and shuffles them.

Students are put into pairs according to their math fact that they need to learn. Each player in the pair gets a different colored pencil to write with.

The teacher draws an index card and announces the number on the card.

The students write a multiplication problem in the long rectangular box on the side of the game-board. For example, if the teacher says “3” then

Player 1 would write “their fact” x 3 = in the long rectangular box.

They would then go over to the table over products and make an X through 1 of the products that match their problem.

The teacher repeats this method until one of the players in a pair shouts out

“Four IN A ROW”

That means that the player was able to connect four products in a row.

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