Demonstrate an Understanding of Place Value

Submitted by Jean

Specific Curriculum Outcome(s): 6N1 Demonstrate an understanding of place value, including numbers that are:

  • greater than one million
  • less than one thousandth.

Achievement Indicator(s): 6N1.1 Explain how the pattern of the place value system, i.e., the repetition of ones, tens and hundreds within each period, makes it possible to read and write numerals for numbers of any magnitude.


  • Spinner
  • Paper clip
  • Game Cards
  • Paper
  • Pencil


  • Students organize the sets of number cards from least to greatest and set up stacks as they would in Monopoly bankers tray.
  • Students work in groups of 4 where two students play against two students.
  • One student from each pair spins and records totals using symbols while the other counts out the number cards for each spin and does the necessary trading.
  • Pair alternate turn until one pair reaches the target number.

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