Capture the Card

Submitted by Amy

You will need a set of flashcards. You can differentiate with different cards for each student (one has addition, while the other has division).

Divide the cards equally between the two players, if the students are using the same set of cards.

One player attacks, while the other player defends. The defending player shows his cards (problem side up) one at a time to the attacking player.

If the attacking player says the right answer, he captures the card and adds it to his own. He can continue capturing cards until he answers incorrectly.

When this happens, the defending player becomes the attacker, and gets his chance at capturing the cards.

This continues with cards being captured back and forth until one player winds up with all of the cards, or has the most cards when time is called.

You can even set the rules to the first player to capture 20 cards, or any number you’d like.

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