1st Grade Math Game: Describe Me! – Fun Subtraction Practice for Kids

Today, we have an exciting math game to share with you that is perfect for 1st graders. It’s called Describe Me! and it helps students practice and improve their subtraction skills in a fun and engaging way.

Describe Me! is a printable math game that can be used in the classroom or at home with 4 to 8 players. To start, you’ll need a standard deck of cards (excluding the face cards) and some writing materials. Shuffle the deck and place it in the center. On each turn, the teacher will draw a card and all players must create a subtraction sentence that results in the number indicated on the card. The first player to say a correct sentence wins the round and keeps the card. The game ends when all cards have been won, and the player with the most cards is the winner.

Let’s see Describe Me! in action. I’ll be the teacher and I’ll draw a card. Draw a card and show it to the class, the number on the card is 6. Now, all players must create a subtraction sentence that equals 6. Who can come up with one first? Allow time for players to come up with an answer, Great job! The correct answer was 8-2. Give the card to the winning player.

Not only is Describe Me! a fun math game for kids, but it also has a number of educational benefits. It reinforces important 1st grade math standards [1.OA.C.6] and helps students build their subtraction skills through practice and repetition. It also encourages teamwork and fosters a positive learning environment.

Thank you for joining us for a closer look at Describe Me! We hope you and your students will enjoy playing this math game as much as we do. If you’re interested in adding it to your classroom or home collection, you can find it for sale on TPT.

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