5th Grade Decimal Practice Just Got Fun with 3-Decimal Jumble Game

Are you tired of the same old boring decimal practice worksheets? Say goodbye to monotony and hello to fun with 3-Decimal Jumble!

In this exciting math game, 2-4 players draw cards to create decimals and compare them to the dealer’s number. Players earn points by correctly placing the dealer’s number between their own decimals, or by having the dealer’s number equal to one of their own. The game continues until all worksheets are filled out, and the player with the most points wins.

Not only is 3-Decimal Jumble a blast to play, it’s also an effective way for your students to practice and improve their decimal skills. So why not make math practice enjoyable for your students?

You can find 3-Decimal Jumble on Teachers Pay Teachers, where you can download and print the game for use in your classroom or at home. So don’t wait, get your copy of 3-Decimal Jumble today and give your students the gift of math practice that’s actually enjoyable!

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