Add and Subtract Within 100 with RACE TO 100

Looking for a fun and educational game to help your 1st grader practice math skills? Look no further than RACE TO 100! This printable math game is perfect for 2 to 4 players and is designed to help students add and subtract within 100, reinforcing number sense and meeting Common Core standard 1.NBT.C.4.

To play, you’ll need 1 die per player (either 6-sided or 10-sided), a piece of paper, and a number line to 120 (optional). The youngest player starts the game by rolling the die and recording the number on their paper. The other players take turns rolling the die and adding the numbers to their total. Players can use counters to help them keep track of their total if they are using a number line.

But beware – if a player rolls a 3, all the other players have to subtract it from their total! This adds a fun twist to the game and keeps players on their toes. The first player to reach 100 exactly wins the game. If a player doesn’t roll the correct number to reach 100, they lose a turn and have to wait for their next chance to roll.

With RACE TO 100, your child will have a blast practicing their math skills and racing to the finish line! This is a great math game for elementary students and is sure to provide hours of entertainment while reinforcing important math concepts.

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