Using the Metric System {Measurement Activity}


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Give students these materials: metric ruler, crayons or markers, pencils, paper.

Materials you will need: Chalkboard, chalk, large piece of construction paper or butcher paper, graph paper.

Divide your class into groups of four and, first, have students measure and record the length of each member’s smile in their group. Have them compare their results with all members of the group. Students return to seats as you record each of their measurements on the board. Students need to record the results of each student’s smile as well at their seat.

The students need to check their results against the results of the rest of the group.

Have students:
Order measurements from least to greatest
Graph the results
Find the sum of results
Create one long smile that is the result of all the smile lengths added together.

You can also download a PDF version of this game to file away for later here on my site or on TeachersPayTeachers.

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