Measurement and Science, Plant Growth {Measurement Activity}


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Each student will need a milk carton filled with good soil, bean seeds, string to support the plants, graph paper to record results, a pencil and a ruler to measure the growth. You need a sunny window to put the plants near as well.

Have each student plant their seed one inch deep, one per container.

Place your containers in a sunny window. Water the seeds daily or every other day. Poke holes in the bottom of the milk cartons (this will keep roots from rotting).

You can place cartons inside pie tins to catch excess water.

Lead students in preparing graphs on their paper to record days, inches and/or meters of growth. Begin measuring when you first see growth.

Attach a string to each container (a support string of several feet is necessary as bean plants usually climb the string. Bush beans will not climb but will need support).

Compare the growth of the plants using student’s graphs. Have them answer questions such as, which is taller, shorter, tallest, shortest, etc. Which plant grew the fastest or slowest?

You can also download a PDF version of this game to file away for later here on my site or on TeachersPayTeachers.

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