Fraction Bingo

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Fractions Bingo Game Packet contains:

  • 28 randomized circles fractions bingo cards
  • 28 randomized diamonds fractions bingo cards
  • 28 randomized rectangle fractions bingo cards
  • fractions bingo calling cards.

There are 24 fractions and 1 free space on each fractions bingo card. Each fractions card has random fractions from 1/1 to 10/10.

I suggest that all fractions bingo cards are printed out and laminated. After laminating, cut out the fractions bingo calling card pieces to be used during the game. Students can select a fractions bingo card, use a dry erase marker to write the fractions on top of the fractions circles.

  1. Prepare one set of Calling Cards by printing the Fraction Bingo Problems on cardstock or heavy construction paper. Then print the Fraction Answers on the back of that page. The answers are place on the page in the correct order so that each answer lands on the back of each problem. Then cut apart the cards, shuffle them, and place them in an envelope.
  2. Give each student a Bingo Board
  3. The Caller draws out a Fraction Problem and writes in on the board.
  4. Continue playing until someone has a row, column, or diagonal covered and announces, “Bingo!”
  5. The Caller should check the answers to be sure they are correct before declaring a winner.