Build a Number: Whole Number Place Value Game

build a number

6Build the Greatest Whole Number : Place Value Game

Each player makes a copy (or print off the one provided) of the place value grid and places it in front of her on the table. A player shuffles the deck and places it face-up in the center of the table… The player who builds the greatest four digit number wins the game.

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How to Prepare file folder math games:
For best “look” print the games in color but they look fine printed in grayscale. I print the title page in color, laminate it, and glue it to the front of a 9×12 envelope. I copy the game pieces in color (or using black ink, onto color cardstock), laminate, cut out, and place them in Ziploc bags. I place the Ziploc bag, recording sheets, and laminated answer key in the envelope for storage.

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