Build-a-Book: Number-Numeral Recognition Game

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dot2Rules: The dealer shuffles the cards and deals six cards face-down to each player. The next card is place face-up in the center of the table to start a discard pile. The rest of the deck is place face-down alongside of it. Each player holds her cards so that only she can see. The object of the game is to build two books, each containing three cards that match.

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How to Prepare file folder math games:
For best “look” print the games in color but they look fine printed in grayscale. I print the title page in color, laminate it, and glue it to the front of a 9×12 envelope. I copy the game pieces in color (or using black ink, onto color cardstock), laminate, cut out, and place them in Ziploc bags. I place the Ziploc bag, recording sheets, and laminated answer key in the envelope for storage.

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