Elevator Magic by Stuart Murphy

Elevator Magic, Stuart Murphy

When the elevator goes down, the subtraction starts and so does the magic. Ben sees crazy things everytime the door opens. Ride along as he subtracts his way down to the lobby, and decide for yourself if it’s elevator magic.

My 7 year-old, home schooled son loves elevators so much that we made one from a refrigerator box! He loves mechanics of all kinds, but was having difficulty with simple math concepts like addition and subtraction. I bought this book thinking it may have an elevator in it, but was surprised to see that Murphy related subtraction concepts to the story. Needless to say, my son loves this book, and reads it over and over. This book gave me the idea to make an elevator panel out of poster board to use while teaching math. Now, math is fun to learn, as well as fun to teach.

A little boy uses his imagination during some boring errands, and his mother lets him use subtraction to push the elevator buttons.

I love the rhyming meter and the way the little boy uses his imagination. The math just sneaks in there. If your little one likes to “visualize” numerical concepts, this is a good tool — using elevator buttons as a number line.

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