Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti

Each Orange Had 8 Slices by Paul Giganti

If each orange has 8 slices and each slice has 2 seeds, how many seeds are there in all? You’ll have fun wether you multiply, add or count your way through the math puzzles hiding in the world all around you.

In this companion volume to How Many Snails?, dynamic illustrations and appealing words combine to introduce beginning math concepts and reinforce visual literacy.

This is a wonderful book to use in patterning, multiplication, and creative thinking! I use the book in my classroom in so many ways, with children up to third grade! We read it, then make up our own “Math Riddles” to put into our own class book. Example, Three fish had four fins each, with eight dots on each fin. How many fish? How many fins? How many dots altogether?

This is a great book for young children to learn about the “real world” of math. Numbers are pervasive in our life and this book is for parents, or important people in the life of a child, to read to a young child. Computation seems to be very important at school, and of course, computation (which is just Arithmetic) has an important place….however, Mathematics goes beyond computation into our world in which we live each day. This is a great book to get that started. Numbers are in everything.

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