Master Place Value with this Engaging Printable Game

Today we’re excited to introduce you to a fun math game that we think your students (or kids) are going to love. It’s called “Place the Value,” and it’s a printable game that’s perfect for reinforcing place value skills in the fifth grade.

Here’s how it works: players use a standard deck of cards to take turns drawing six cards and arranging them horizontally to create a number. The ace cards represent the value of 1, while the 10, Jack, Queen, and King cards represent the value of 0. The player must fill in their worksheet with the row number equal to the round number, with the first card from the left going in the first box from the left and so on.

Once the player has declared their number and the place value of the red cards, the opponents must determine if the answer is correct. If it is, the player earns 2 points. The game continues until all players have completed filling the boxes on their worksheet, and the player with the most points wins.

We love “Place the Value” because it’s a fun and interactive way for students to practice and reinforce their place value skills. It’s perfect for use in the classroom or at home, and it’s great for small group or whole class instruction. Plus, it comes with a printable worksheet and detailed instructions, so it’s easy to set up and play.

If you’re interested in trying “Place the Value” with your students (or kids), you can find it on our Teachers Pay Teachers store. Just search for “Place the Value” and you’ll find it right away. We hope you give it a try and see how much fun math can be!

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