Inequality Crack (Solve One-Step Inequalities Game)

“My students had fun playing! Thank you.” – Laura Crispin

Objective: To solve one-step inequalities [6.EE.B.5]

Materials: Inequality sheet, deck of cards, six-sided die, writing materials, paperclips and markers for game board

Players: 2 to 3 players

1.The objective of the game is to solve one-step inequalities.
2.This game is played by 2 to 3 players.
3.The ace stands for 1 and the Jack, Queen and King are wild cards – which means they can be any number a player needs.
4.Players draw one card to see who gets the highest number. Whoever draws the highest number takes the first turn.

Game Play:
1.On a turn, the player uses the inequality spinner to decide what inequality sign to be used.
2.The player then draws two cards and rolls a die where the numbers are replaced with the four fundamental operations with two wild sides – wild side can be any operation. (1 = Multiplication, 2 = Division, 3 = Addition, 4 = Subtraction, 5 = Wild, 6 = Wild)
3.The player places the die in between the cards and writes it on the inequality sheet provided, then solve for y. (Opponent determines if the player’s answer is correct. The player loses the turn if the answer is incorrect.) If the answer is correct, the player moves from his/her position based on the “Game Board Movement Rules”.


If a player draws 4 and 3 and rolls multiplication sign and spins on the spinner a less than, then the inequalities should be y < 4 x 3 or 4 x 3 > y (depend on the inequality sheet).

4.The first player to the finish line, from either direction of the board wins.

Game Board Movement Rules:

If Y > 50, move one space forward

If Y < 50, move one space backward

If Y = 0, return to Start

If Y = 50 or 100 – AUTOMATIC WINNER!

If question is answered incorrectly, skip turn

This Game is included in my 6th Grade File Folder Math Games Printable Book