Math Games in a Bag

The Best Way to Help Your Child Master Math Concepts at Home

A growing number of children no longer memorize their addition facts or multiplication tables. With the math curriculum as broad as it is, teachers simply are not able to find the time to ensure that students understand the basic facts (sad, but true). Parents or guardians are allies in accomplishing this, and you’re able to provide a lot more opportunities for your own child to be successful in mathematics if you support the mastering of the basic math principles in the home. Math GAMES do this perfectly!

Math games are a wonderful way to strengthen as well as increase the skills children learn about at school. They’re by far the most powerful method parents / guardians can do to increase their child’s math ability free of lecturing.

When studying math, there’s some repetition that is a fundamental part of mastering new concepts as well as improving automatic recall of math facts. Number facts (recall those times tables?) are usually boring not to mention mind-numbing to learn and practice. A math game will be able to crank out a whole lot of practice – practice without kids whining about how much work they are really needing to actually do. There’s no better way perhaps as compared with a motivating math game as a means of learning math?

Math games can give you an enjoyable opportunity for you, as parents, for getting involved in your child’s math education. You actually don’t needs to be a math wizard to play a math game. You don’t have to concern yourself with forcing or pressuring your child. The only thing you have to do is suggest a game to your child and begin to play.

Math Games in a Bag

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We will need to master numerous skills in math this year! To really succeed and plus more convenient for you to really help your child succeed, I’ll be sending home every week math games in a bag. These bags include all the things that you’ll need to play a specific math game together with your child.

Please make sure to play the game/activity together with your child. After that, fill out the bottom of this sheet as well as indicate if the game/activity was easy, okay, or hard for your child. Then simply, send ALL supplies in the bag back to school with your child, including this sheet of paper. The following week, I’ll send the bag back along with a different math game. This will really help your child master our math facts and basic concepts

Thank you!

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1st & 2nd Grade File Folder Math Games

Here is a few Free Samples to try out:

Speedy Sign Slapping [CCSS 1.NBT.B.3]

Time Spin [CCSS 2.MD.C.7]

I See Sum-thing [CCSS 2.OA.B.2]