What “stupid” mistakes have you seen in math class?

What “stupid” mistakes have you seen in math class? (comment and share below)

Dana Garner While in college, I worked for the math department. Many times I would get the same answer for this question that asked “what do you think…” (answer should be their opinion). Students would put “answers may vary”. Great job copying the back of the book.

Liz Johnson Crouse I don’t have a picture, but with my old SS series the questions all started with a description of the reading skill being used: for “draw conclusions” the kids (5th grade) always want to know if they really have to draw a picture and why there are lines if they are supposed to draw. Smack head.

Jayme Barrett When I was a TA in grad school, there was a student taking Business Stats who always wrote her fractions upside down (i.e. 2/1 = 0.5 and 1/2 = 2) – I kept marking her work wrong and writing an explanation. She complained to the Prof that I kept marking her work as wrong – the Prof told me to start giving her full credit because she was consistent!

Katie Kilgore Widener This is just one of many I’ve snapped a photo of this year.

Kesha Kiser I had a question that asked “How do you know…?” and several students replied “Because my teacher, Ms. Kiser, told me so.”

Amy Memmer

Michael Wood Not bad students last year, they understood quadratics and gifted me nicely

Jennifer Gaines 8/12=3/8 and 2/5 and 1/2 🙄 all while dividing by 2

Share your students “stupid” math mistakes so we can see that it’s not just our students 🙂