Factoring Quadratics

Solving quadratic equations is difficult for students but before they even start they must understand the underpinnings of factoring. A graphic organizer can help them to try different factor pairs and keep their work clear and meaningful.

Here’s an example of how to use a chart or worksheet to teach this important concept.

The black parts of the worksheet can be filled out on the pre-prepared worksheet or chart. Then students would use red to show the factors and green to select the pair that will work for final factors.


Now that you’ve given students the opportunity to work with the factoring organizer, it’s time to have them factor quadratic expressions that have an initial coefficient other than 1.

Here’s an example:

Of course, students will go up a lot of blind alleys before they find the correct combination of factors, but the organizer helps them to retrace their steps. It also helps them to better understand their results.


Download this and file it away for later!