Ultimate Place Value Games Resource Roundup

FREE Place Value Games

the Ultimate Resource Roundup

With the release of my Focus on Place Value Bundle, I also wanted to share with you some of the other amazing teachers that have created some very fun place value games that will also help you in teaching Place Value.

Sometimes place value lessons can be a little boring, so I’ve put together a list of some very fun and engaging free place value activities your students will enjoy.

If you know if a great place value resource, scroll to the bottom and share it in the comments so other teachers can find it!

In NO Particular Order Check Out All the Awesome Free Place Value Games Below:

Place Value CardsFREE Place Value Cards for sorting, matching, and other base ten activities

These free place value cards can be used to help students practice using standard form/base ten numerals, expanded form, and word names/number names. You can use the cards as a sorting or matching activity for the whole class or in math centers and workstations. There are 2,3,4,5, and 6 digit numbers included as well as decimals to the thousandths, so you can print the cards you need for a wide range of student needs.

Decimal Place Value Halloween Center: Decimal Place Value Spooky Sort {Freebie}

This adorable math center contains graphics created by the fabulous Mel at Graphics from the Pond!

This game has the students sort decimals based on the place value of the underlined digit.

In this freebie, you get a direction page, the cards for sort, and a recording sheet.

Place Value Hundreds and Thousands Place Value Hundreds and Thousands Freebie! Roll it! Make it! Expand it!

These are two easy and fun little games for your students to practice place value and expanded notation to the hundreds and again to the thousands. Use this along with my Place Value Feebie for Tens and Ones

Rounding Place ValuePlace Value

Place Value Rounding I Have, Who Has? Game – This superhero themed place value rounding game features 36 game cards to help students apply their knowledge of place value to round to the nearest 10 and 100.

It also includes an answer key so the teacher can easily follow along as the game is played by students. The teacher will only need to look at the cards if there is a discrepancy while playing this game.

Place Value Rounding I Have, Who Has? Game Directions
The game can be played as a center or as a class depending on class size.

To play the game, distribute the cards among the students involved.

The game starts with “I have the first card” and ends with the card that has “Let’s play again!” on it as well as the word ”FINISH” at the top.

The student with the first card reads both the “I have…” and “Who has…?” parts out loud. Then, the next student that has the card that matches the “Who has…?” description that was read aloud will read their “I have…” and “Who has…?”. The game is played until all cards have been read.

There are a variety of ways that it can be played: independent, small group, partner work or as a whole class (depending on class size). Every game will follow the same sequence so you’ll know if they are getting it correct.

Place Value Common CorePlace Value Common Core Math Game

Place Value Common Core Math Game, grades 2-5

This packet includes Common Core-aligned place value math games for second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade. Each place value math game includes a student record sheet, relevant Common Core nbt standards, directions, differentiation ideas, and higher-order thinking questions.

Practicing Place ValuePracticing Place Value

In this download you will find:
*2 math game boards focusing on place value practice for intermediate grades
*1 game board focuses on practicing adding and subtracting numbers to the hundred thousands.
*1 game board focuses on identifying and rounding numbers to the hundred thousands.
*32 game cards to be used for either/both games.
*Instructions on how to prepare and how to play the games.

Place ValueBaseball Place Value Go Catch

Baseball-themed game played like Go Fish give students practice with place value to the hundreds.

Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers Freebie

Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers Freebie – from Games 4 Learning

This contains 2 printable Place Value Games for 3 Digit Numbers.

Rhino Race Place Value Game – Compare numbers represented in word form and hundreds, tens and ones.

Monkey Race Place Value Game – Compare numbers represent with base ten blocks and expanded number form.

These place value cards have students recognize and compare numbers represented in base 10 blocks, words, expanded forms and tens and ones.

Place ValuePlace Value

Place Value -FREEBIE

Place Value – This is a free place value matching game. This place value matching game includes numbers up to the hundred thousands. There are 22 pairs of cards included! Enjoy and please feel free to browse the other products in my store.

Place Value ActivitiesFree Place Value Activities

If you are a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade teacher, this free packet is just for you!!

The Free Place Value Packet includes:
3- More or Less than 5 activities
4- Skip Counting by 5’s activities (2 of the puzzles have answer keys)
1- Place Value Concentration Game with 20 game cards
3- Comparing Numbers Activity Sheets

Place Value Tens and OnesPlace Value Tens and Ones Top-it Game

Players: 2
Directions to make game:
1. Make 2 copies of the place value cards.
2. Cut out, glue to cardstock, laminate.
Directions to play:
1. Shuffle cards and place in a pile face down.
2. Each player takes a card from the top of the pile.
3. Each player says the number made. The player with the bigger number wins the round and collects the cards.
4. If both players have equal numbers and ties, each player will take a new card from the pile. The winner of the 2nd set of cards takes all 4 cards.
5. Play continues until all the cards are gone. The Winner is the player with the most cards.

Place ValuePlace Value

Place Value: Place Value Task Cards – Here are 10 free common core math place value task cards to help students convert place values. Task cards are a great alternative to worksheets. Students could play SCOOT, have a scavenger hunt, or play other math games!

Place Value Stop, Think, Click Place Value Stop, Think, Click (SmartBoard Lesson)

This is a fun game for students to review their understanding of place value.

Student will touch the box with the revolving pictures of possible questions. She will then touch the answer she thinks is correct. If correct she will get a check. If incorrect she will get a X.

Rounding to the Nearest 10's and 100'sCake-Walk Rounding – A Review Game for Rounding to the Nearest 10’s and 100’s

Use this fun classic game to practice rounding in your classroom. Students play in the style of a cake-walk game where they walk around in a circle to the beat of music, walking over number cards. When the music stops, the students freeze on the number they are standing on. Then, the fun begins! Download the game and directions for free and watch your students have a ball playing this old-school game with a new rounding twist!

Place ValuePlace Value

Spring Number Order – Math Center Game – Place Value

This printable math center game / activity will help your students to

– order random numbers from 0-99
– explain the value of digits in numbers to 99

The file includes instructions, game mats, game cards a cover page and a worksheet.

Place Value ScootPlace Value Scoot – 3-digit numbers using base 10 (MAB) blocks

This Place Value Scoot Game can be used to teach, review or assess the concept of 3-digit place value using base ten blocks. There are 24 game cards, a recording sheet for students to fill in their answers and an answer sheet.

To play:
Place one of the game cards on each desk and give each student a recording sheet.
You can play in 2 ways:
1. Have each student stand at a desk and fill in the answer on their sheet. Then when you say ‘SCOOT!’ each student moves to the next desk and continue till they have been to each one.


2. Allow students to move about randomly till they have completed all the cards. This way allows your quick thinkers to move through swiftly and your ones who need some extra thinking time to not feel rushed.

A fun way to practice 3-digit place value!

Place Value SandwichesPlace Value Sandwiches: Free Place Value Game

Teach place value by making pretend sandwiches! This FREE math center game is a great way to review expanded-notation and place value.

Rounding FREEBIERounding FREEBIE

This fun matching game will help your students practice rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. This product is aligned directly to 3rd and 4th grade standards, but can be used in other grade levels as remediation or acceleration.

Common Core State Standards:
•3NBT1: Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.
•4NBT3: Use place value understanding to round multi-digit whole numbers to any place.

Place Value Center ActivityPlace Value Center Activity

Great game for 4th or 5th grade math! Students have to identify correct place value to make a match. Go Fish!

Place Value PiratesPlace Value Pirates! Freebie!

Here is a place value sorting game to reinforce place value through the thousands. Students read each number, and identifies the place that the underlined digit indicates. Students place the card into the correct column on the sorting mat. A recording sheet is included for students, as well as an answer key for quick assessment. This is a great activity for student workstations!