Prime & Composite Game

Prime & Composite GamePrime & Composite Game

With one of the crayons, let students divide their own 10 x 10 grid paper into five playing boards with two vertical towers of 10 squares for each game.

Ask them to write “P” for “Prime” under one of the towers and “C” for “Composite” under the other.

The object of the game is to be the first to fill both towers with prime and composite numbers from the bottom up.

On each turn, players roll the dice and have three numbers to choose from.

For example, if a 2 and a 3 are rolled, the player has the option of writing the number 23 or 32, or he may add the two digits together to get the number 5.

The students should write the number at the bottom of its respective tower.

If a player rolls numbers already written, she loses her turn; if she rolls doubles, she gets another turn, and if she rolls “snake eyes,” she gets to place an “X” in either tower as a free space and roll again.

The first to the top of both towers is the winner!


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