Fraction Trading a Equivalent Fractions Game

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Fraction Trading

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Major Concept: Equivalent Fractions

RULES: One player shuffles the cards and deals them one at a time, face-down, to the other players. Each player will have eight cards. Each player sorts his cards into sets of equivalent fractions.

The object of the game is to get all eight cards of the same set by trading cards, sight unseen, with the other players. The first player to complete a set is the winner.

To trade, each player selects from his hand some cards that he wishes to trade, holds them face-down in front of him, and calls out the number of cards until he finds someone who will exchange the same number of cards with him. For example, if a player wishes to trade cards, he will hold the three cards in front of him, face-down, and call out, “Three. Three,” until he finds someone who will trade three cards with him. After making a trade, the player keeps those he wants and then tries to arrange another trade. Players continue to trade in this way until a player collects all eight cards in one set. He shows his cards for the other players to check. If he has made no error, he is the winner.

A variation of this game can be played by including decimals and per cent equivalents in some sets (these cards are included in this game too).