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Major Concept: Equivalent Fractions

The dealer shuffles the digit-deck and deals five cards to each of the players. Each player places his five cards face-up in front of him. The fraction deck is shuffled and placed face-up in the center of the table.

To play the game, the first person to the left of the dealer uses the digit cards to build as many fractions as he can that are equivalent to the fraction on the top of the deck.

If another player thinks that a mistake has been made, he should say “challenge.” If the fraction is equivalent, the challenger loses a point. If not, he earns a point. Play proceeds in this manner until all players have played on the top fraction. Then the top card is turned face-down and play continues. The first player to get a predetermined number of points is the winner of the game. A reasonable number would be twelve.

Once a fraction is built, players can disassemble the fraction and use the same digit cards again to build another fraction. Also, the digit cards can be combined to build two and three digit numbers.

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