Fraction Pictionary

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Fraction Pictionary is a game that combines understanding and recognizing fractions with drawing. The goal is to have your teammates guess the fraction and the symmetrical object that you are drawing.

Fraction Pictionary is an extremely fun game and uses a familiar setting to connect students with fractions in a fast-paced atmosphere. This game emphasizes a visual understanding of fractions using a large variety of objects – this is particularly valuable as it steers students away from thinking that visual fractions are all portions of circles, squares or rectangles.

You may choose to adjust the timing of the rounds to match the skills level of your students. By varying the objects and fractions on the game cards, this game can be used as an introduction help students think about new fractions and as a review to help students quickly think about fractions they already know. By allowing students to make up their own card sets to challenge the other teams you can engage your students in thinking about fractions both visually (what objects work) and numerically (what fractional parts can we ask for).

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