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Percentage Snap

Percentage Snap

The Percentage Snap game gives kids the opportunity to test their mental math when it comes to fraction-percentage equivalencies. This is a game of speed and mental agility. Some fractions will be easy for kids to convert quickly. An ace picked first, followed by the two of diamonds, will yield 1/2 or 50%. But a fraction such as 2/7 will be more difficult to figure out or answer quickly without the use of a calculator.

For students who are having trouble with fractions, it might be best to provide a rule at the beginning that says of the two cards turned over the one with the smallest number will be used for the numerator. In that way, you can ensure that they are working with proper fractions to begin the game.

Another adaptation of this game is to have students turn over just one card for the numerator. You pick a number for the denominator that you don’t share with them and give them the percentage. Then have students pick the denominator out of the deck. For example, suppose they pick the number 3 when they turn over a card. You then give them 33.3%. The card they will be seeking will have 9 on its face. If the students both pick the correct number they tie, but if not the student with the correct answer yields one point.

Once students have developed some agility and seem to know most of the standard percentage and fraction equivalencies, you can try splitting the class into teams. Get some physical motion into the game by having some possible percentages listed on the board. As cards are turned over, the team must decide what the percentage equivalency is and then run to the board and circle it before their opponents do!

Common Core Mathematical Standard
6.RP Understand ratio concepts and use ratio reasoning to solve problems.

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