Half N Half: Improper Fractions Games and Mixed Numbers Games

Half N Half
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This interesting Half-n-Half game cleverly uses cards and pencils to construct both proper and improper fractions. The underlying concept that kids will be learning is fractional equivalency. Something about using the playing cards makes this game a lot more fun than just writing fractions down on a piece of paper! The ace card is used as the number 1. The face cards and the number 10 cards have been removed to keep the numbers simpler for kids who are still in the process of getting comfortable with fractions.

Make sure that kids understand that they can cover over any of the cards that are in their fractions. The card that’s underneath will remain out of play. They can also put a drawn card underneath another card if they don’t want to use it, thereby keeping that card out of play.

There are so many potential variations you can add to this game. Keep track of new rules you try to see how they play out with different numbers of players. One potential alteration is to allow the students to build the fractions in any order they want to instead of the 1/2, 1, 1 1/2 progression. After kids have played the game at this level for awhile you may want to step up the challenge to larger fractions.

Another interesting twist to try would be to introduce the Queens back into the deck. If a player draws a Queen he or she can steal one of the other player’s fractions and the underlying cards as well to use as he or she pleases!

Common Core Mathematical Standard
3.NF Develop understanding of fractions as numbers.

4.NF Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.