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Fraction Relay

Fraction Relay
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The interesting game of Fraction Relay gives students the opportunity to use manipulatives to create fractions. To move through this game with ease, students will need to have a solid understanding of fractions, place value, and how manipulatives can be used to represent place value. In addition to these mathematical skills, students will also need to use nonverbal communication skills and the ability to work efficiently with their team members in order to build their fractions more rapidly and successfully than the opposing teams.

By displaying the hi/low card the team leader guides the other members of the team to create the correct fraction. He or she isn’t allowed to tell the team what the fraction is. By using this “hi” and “lo” method to determine whether the team is properly constructing the fraction, a lot of excitement gets added to the game as team players work hard to make sure that their fraction is built more quickly than the opposing team. The leadership role is important here. A leader who doesn’t clearly communicate whether team players are getting closer to the correct fraction will cause the rest of the team confusion.

After teams build two fractions, a variation of this game you may want to try is to have the teams build the sum or difference of their fractions. The first team who gets the correct sum or difference wins that particular relay.

You may want to set up the classroom so each team can’t easily view what the other team is doing.

Common Core Mathematical Standard
3.NF Develop understanding of fractions as numbers.

4.NF Extend understanding of fractional equivalence and ordering.

Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice
4. Model with Mathematics

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