Serious Play Conference 2013

Serious Play Conference - Justin Holladay

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I was invited to speak at the 2013 Serious Play Conference to demonstrate how my math apps can integrate into the classroom.

I must sincerely thank everyone who put the Serious Play Conference together which was a truly awesome gathering of the most serious “gamers”. Thanks to all the presenters who helped me learn and expand my education and passion for play.

Thanks to so many of my attendees who stopped me wherever I was to chat with me. I appreciated all the thank yous & questions. I listened carefully to the many great ideas you gave me. I love interacting with like minded educators/professionals (I’m almost convinced to start using Twitter more regularly now).


Description of My Presentation

21st Century Math Centers: Integrating Math Apps in the Upper Elementary & Middle School Classroom

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Aimed at upper elementary and middle school students we’ll explore ways to replace the traditional math tools and teaching methods toward a more interactive practice (games) in order to reinforce essential math skills.

iPads/iTouches are the new “cool” tool for the classroom that students find very motivating. They are showing to be a great way to motivate reluctant struggling students to actually spend time thinking mathematically. Math apps are also a great tool to help differentiate your lesson and have the advanced students think deeper and do harder problems.

This is a hands on presentation where we will explore practical strategies on how to integrate my math apps in the classroom. Through cooperative or competitive group play or whole class play and individual practice. We’ll also discuss ways to use math games in the formative assessment of our students.

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