Centipede’s 100 Shoes by Tony Ross

Centipede's 100 Shoes, Tony Ross
Have fun with numbers in this hilarious new picture book by master storyteller and illustrator Tony Ross.

“One hundred shoes, please!” said the little centipede. “Fifty left ones, and fifty right ones.”
“Why do you want one hundred?” asked the shoe seller.
“Because I’m a centipede, which means a hundred feet,” said the little centipede.

But when are one hundred shoes too many shoes? And what do you do with too many shoes? Why, you give them away!

Find out who gets them in this delightfully silly story about a centipede with sore feet.

This book is glorious! Our whole family loves this book! My 6 year old loves the ‘kissing cloud’ when Mum (or Mom in the US version!) is fixing the little centipede’s sore foot. It’s funny and great for maths learning if you choose to concentrate on that aspect but the story and exceptional illustrations alone make it worth buying.

My three year olds ask to be read this book every day. They love counting his many shoes and socks–the ones he gives to his friends at the end of the story. They feel sorry for Centipede when he hurts his toe at the beginning. I think the colorful pictures kept my three year olds’ attention ’til the end of the story. They commented on how he looked sad when he hurt his toe, happy when he was going to get shoes, and sad when it took him so long to put on his shoes and socks.

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