Apple Education Volume Purchase Program for iOS Apps

The Volume Purchase Program allows educational institutions to purchase iOS apps and books in volume and distribute them to students, teachers, administrators, and employees.*

How to Enroll

It’s quick and easy to set up your organization for volume purchasing. First, designate yourself or someone else in your organization as the Program Manager. Then you can sign up Program Facilitators, which will allow them to make purchases.

If your institution is tax exempt, you will not be charged sales tax. The program also allows app developers to offer special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more.

How It Works (Graphic Illustration)

Apple Education Volume Purchase Program for iOS Apps
1. A Program Facilitator creates a quote for a one or more Volume Vouchers for a set dollar amount.
2. This request is routed to the district Authorized Purchaser who approves the quote and places the order.
3. The voucher is sent to the Program facilitator via mail
4. The Authorized Purchaser receives the Voucher and send the voucher to the Program Facilitator via internal mail
5. Using a New Apple ID created for this purpose, the Program Facilitator searches for and purchase apps in variable quantities, up to the dollar limit of the voucher amount. The institution’s tax status will be recognized and billed accordingly.
6. The Program Facilitator will receive an email with a link to a dashboard, now populated with app-­‐specific codes.
These codes can be distributed to users for redemption at the App Store.
7. The Program Facilitator distributes the app specific codes to the individual that requested them
8. The requestor redeems the codes in one of three ways (assume 30 iPods)
a. 1 Code is redeemed to a single iTunes account, iTunes is activated with that account on 5 computers, sync 6
iPods per computer. 29 remaining codes are kept on file in the event of an audit.
b. 30 codes are distributed and redeemed against 30 FCPS managed iTunes accounts.
c. 30 codes are distributed and redeemed against 30 Student managed iTunes accounts. App becomes property
of the student.

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