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Counting is the first fundamental skill a child needs for success in math. Only by using the number sense that comes with counting, can a child learn to add and subtract. Because counting by ones is a necessary and basic skill, it is taught to preschool-aged children, to instill number sense before they attend kindergarten.

However, there is another math skill that is equally as useful and serves as the foundation for multiplication and division. This is skip counting, whereby a child counts “by” a certain number. By counting by twos (2, 4, 6, 8, etc.) the student internalizes the basics of twos times tables without needing to learn the concept of multiplication. In fact, skip counting is so fundamental to the skill of multiplication that grade school children often re-learn it as a way to reinforce multiplication skills. With Skip Math, children learn this essential skill through a game-style iPad App!

Practicing skip-counting with your child will give him or her a leg up in the classroom as well as improve his or her number sense (the ability to understand the relationships between numbers). By using the Skip Math App, you can introduce the skill in a way that is kid-friendly and fun.

Skip Math is a “Doodle Jump” style game in which a boy or girl character jumps from platform to platform trying not to fall. Unlike “Doodle Jump,” however, children playing Skip Math must land on the platform that correlates to the correct number. For example, when counting by fours you must land on 4, then 8, then 12, etc. The movement, music, and hopping character all contribute to the entertainment value of the game, and means your child will be learning while having fun.

Special customizable options make the game fun for kids of all ages!


  • Players can take a picture of their own faces to put on the character they choose.
  • They can pick their “level” (you can skip-count by numbers 2-11) so the game becomes more challenging as your child improves.
  • A tracker lets the player how far he went at the end of each game, so he can try to improve her score in the next round.
  • Audio: As each number is number selected, it is said aloud so players hear the counting as they jump.
  • The game can also be played in multi-player Bluetooth mode (Game Center Required).

Much of what a student learns comes from his or her free time. Hour for hour, a student actually spends a fairly small percentage of their time in school. By introducing a game like Skip Math into your child’s daily routine (on the car ride to soccer practice, waiting for appointments, or just for fun in free time) you can reinforce important math skills while your child enjoys himself!

Kids today also spend more and more of their time learning and living with technology. Skip Math is another way to incorporate technological literacy and the “fun” of using a device into playtime. Skip Math is like many other enjoyable iPad games, but the added educational aspect makes it a productive use of time.

Common Core State Standards

  • 2.NBT.2 Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

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