Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure (App)

Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk a Mathematical Adventure

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JackIcon Jacks MathJack and the BeanstalkHi, my name is Jack. I know you have all heard of me before, I’m the guy who climbs an enormous beanstalk to retrieve the princess’ amulet. But today I would like to tell you the real story of HOW I was actually able to accomplish such a feat.

My adventure all starts with a simple math question. I know what you’re thinking – how does math have anything to do with my epic adventure? Let me confess to you my secret to confronting and out-smarting a giant; the secret is MATH. I used math to initially buy the beans, I used math to help sort through the giant’s treasure of all sorts of geometric shapes to help me find the amulet, and I used math for just about every major obstacle on my journey.

Join me on my epic math adventure where you can help me avoid being boiled for breakfast or figure out if I will have enough time to make it down the beanstalk before the giant catches me.

Sneak Peak:

Do you want to help Jack solve his GIANT problems? Then this is your chance!

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You will also receive a printable resource pack to extend the activities beyond the app and you will be the first to know exactly when Jack will launch his epic mathematical adventure.
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Free Printable Resource Pack

Most teachers don’t have an entire class set of iPads, but they usually have access to at least one. I usually give away free a printable game/resource to help the teacher extend the reach and capabilities of their one iPad. This time with “Jack and the Beanstalk” App I’ve decided team up with other great teachers who have volunteered to contribute some awesome resources to help extend the math activities beyond the app. Making for the ultimate resource for a themed Jack and the Beanstalk unit.

Check Out the Giant Resources:

Jack and the Beanstalk updated-third-4 Jack and The Beanstalk Literacy and Math Activities Aligned With the Common Core by Lynn Montgomery

This unit is full of fun and engaging Literacy and Math Activities for the book Jack and the Beanstalk. Each activity is aligned with the Common Core. There are lots of activities and printables to compliment the book.
Common Core Math Standard:
Money – 2.MD.8
Place Value -K.NBT.1 and 1.NBT.2.a
Time – 1.MD.5
Matching Numbers: Symbol, number word, and ten frame -K.CC.4 and 1.NBT.2.b
Subtraction – K.OA.1, 1.OA.5, and 2.OA.2
Greater Than/Less Than/Equal to: K.CC.6 and 1NBT.3
Addition- 1.OA.6 and 2.OA.2

Giant's footprint measuring packThe Giant’s Footprint Measuring Pack by Pamela Byrd

Measurement Pack: can be used with standard or nonstandard measurement tools. Students will compare object’s length to the Giant’s footprint. Includes a letter from the giant, recording sheet and a footprint template. correlates to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Common Core Math Standard: K.MD.A.1, K.MD.A.2

Golden SubtractionGolden Subtraction by Erin Anderson

This little activity will be a great math center or work station to include with a fairy tale unit or a Jack and the Beanstalk focus. Your students will be working on subtraction skills by covering dots and writing number sentences. They will be working with starting numbers from six all the way up to thirteen. This activity is common core aligned.

Common Core Math Standard: K.OA.1

SpinnerCollection46Common Core Math Tools K-3 – SPINNERS! by Debbie Bryant

This is a set of Math “Spinners” for any games or skill practice that require generating numbers. Kids use a pencil and a paper clip with the spinner. There is a whole page of instructions/ideas and a whole page of games that can be played with just the spinners. I like these because they are a change up from using dice all the time, and they fit well inside an envelope or file folder game, so you can have a different one for each game if you want. More than just number spinners – number words, clocks, coins, shapes and some blank ones – 42 in all.

Common Core Math Standard: 1.OA.B.3, , 1.OA.B.4, 1.OA.C.6, 1.OA.D.8, 1.NBT.B.2, 1.NBT.B.3, 1.NBT.C.4, 1.NBT.C.5, 1.NBT.C.6, 1.MD.B.3, 1.G.A.2
2.OA.B.2, 2.OA.C.3, 2.NBT.A.1, 2.NBT.A.3, 2.NBT.A.4, 2.MD.C.7, 2.MD.C.8, 2.G.A.1

Jack and the beanstalk math

Jack and the Beanstalk Math by Angie Monahan from Monahan Monkey Madness

This product is an art activity to use in a math center to create a beanstalk that counts by 10s to 120 and shows different ways to make each 10. There is an additional writing activity to add to the top.

Common Core Math Standards:

1.OA.1, 1.NBT.1, 1.NBT.2, 1.NBT.4, 1.NBT.5

Jack & the Beanstalk Ten Frames GamesJack and the Beanstalk Ten Frames Games by Joy Thomas

Fairy Tales are such an important part of reading and understanding so much of literature! Common Core Standards address this in the English Language Arts standards as well. Here’s a ten frames game to integrate your reading and math!

This Jack and the Beanstalk Ten Frames Games includes prefilled Ten Frames from 1 – 10, extra harp counters, number cards, directions for students, options for use by teachers and directions for teachers. Be sure to check out my other Fairy Tales Ten Frames Games! Aladdin, Frog and Prince and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Common Core Math Standards:
Kindergarten – 4, 8, 11, 12
First Grade – 1, 4, 5, 6, 8
Second Grade – 1, 2

Climb The BeanstalkClimb the Beanstalk: Identifying Missing Numbers by Kindergarten Kiosk
Jack loves to go up the beanstalk! Each time he enters the giant’s castle, he finds another treasure for his mother. However, he must be careful to avoid the giant; if he sees the giant, Jack must return home quickly or he will be caught!
Objective: Naming the missing number.
Common Core Math Standards:
K.CC: Know number names and the count sequence.

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