Guest Post Guidlines

Do you have a great MATH idea you’d like to share with my audience?

Thank you so much for your interest in guest blogging on my blog. All you need to do is contact me with an idea, and I’ll be in touch soon.

I greatly appreciate my fellow math teachers/bloggers’ time, so I am all about “showing the love” to anyone who writes a guest post for me. Once your post goes live, I will be sharing your post on social media, and will continue to pin your post on Pinterest as often as I can.

My Current Audience that will see your Guest Post:

Facebook: 17K+
Pinterest: 11K+
Twitter: 2K+
Email List: 10K+


I will spend $25 promoting your guest post on Facebook, using Facebooks powerful ad platform. (with the added bumb in advertising your guest post has the possibility to be seen by tens of thousands!)


Your post MUST be around the topics of:

  • Math
  • EdTech (With a mathematics slant to it)
  • Math Games
  • Math Activities
  • How to TEACH math
  • Did I mention Math?

Obviously, if your pitch or post is really just an advertisement for your own blog or product, I will reject it. You are welcome, however, to include links back to your site or other sites provided that they add value to the article. I rarely take out links, but reserve the right to do so.


  • Your post must be original content, not published elsewhere on the Internet;
  • You must not publish the content elsewhere on the Internet once it is published on my site.
  • It’s “meaty” enough to be useful. I don’t have word limits or requirements – the post should be as long as it needs to be, and no longer. That being said, it’s rare to be able to squeeze much substance into less than 800-900 words, and I recommend that that the posts are in the range of 1,200-1,500 words. There are exceptions, though – focus on writing a good post, not on meeting word count requirements.
  • Have an author bio at the end (about 40 words). You can link to your blog and a product of yours that is offered free to my readers. Please send us the links and we will add them. A sample author bio is: NAME is a math teacher and blogs at, a blog about creative ideas on teaching math. Grab her free product, Blahdiblah.

Read 9 Ways to Become an Exceptional Guest Poster on ProBlogger.

I do not require an image with the post. BUT the post will get more exposure if it does because I can more easily promote it on my Pinterest account (11K followers) and Facebook account (17k followers)


I will edit your post for grammatical errors and facts. I will rarely make many changes, but if I do I will send the complete text of the post to you before it is published.


Once you have an idea and are interested, please contact me at mathfilefoldergames {at} Once I have approved your topic, then take your time to write and make it awesome. Once I receive the full post, I will communicate with you about when it will be publish!

  • Send me an email about your idea. Just the idea – not the finished post. In your idea, include two or three possible headlines (these should be different possible headlines for one post idea) and an outline with subheads and brief descriptions of what each subsection will say.
  • I will either approve the idea, or suggest changes – either way, I’ll get back to you within a couple of days. If you’re ready to do that now, go ahead and send your pitch over to me at mathfilefoldergames {at}
    • Please make the subject of your email: GUEST POST PITCH: [SUGGESTED TITLE]
  • If your pitch is accepted, you will be asked to write the draft, and send it to us. In a Word document.
  • Feel free to include links in the post – to your stuff, to our stuff, to other stuff… we don’t have any problem with links, as long as they’re relevant and value-adding. Your draft should also include a bio with your Website/Blog URL, Twitter URL, Facebook Page URL and TeachersPayTeachers store URL, if you have them.

What’s Required of You If I Accept your Post:

  • On the day your post goes up, please come on and respond to comments. Part of guest posting is also helping to drive engagement and social sharing of the post. Be sure to let me know if you’re not available so we can reschedule your post.
  • Make sure you’re ready to promote your post if it is accepted. This means doing at least some, if not all of the following: promote your post by email to any blogger you mention, or other interested bloggers, share your post on all of your social networks, add the link to your own site, and use social bookmarking to increase visibility.
  • Do your part to spread the word. We’ll be doing our bit to make sure your work gets in front of as many eyes as possible – together we’ll make it a massive success!

Articles selected for publication will be promoted on Facebook, $25 will be spent on Facebook advertising promoting your guest post. (with this added Facebook advertising your guest post has high likelihood to get seen by thousands)

I’m excited about seeing what you come up with!