School Visits

Justin HolladayI love speaking at elementary and middle schools. In a full-day visit I will do up to four (maybe five) presentations. Presentations can be assemblies and/or workshops. Large assemblies are fine, but workshops work best with smaller groups of 20 – 50 students of similar age.

My apps and school visits are designed to encourage school kids to become involved in mathematics through story and games.

During a full-day school visit, I will make up to four (maybe five) presentations lasting 45-50 minutes each. To make sure all students benefit equally from a visit, I prepare two separate talks, one oriented towards younger children (k through 2nd grade), and the the other for older students (3rd and up).

My presentation consist of app demoing, playing and discussion focusing on mathematics and games. I always leaves enough time at the end of each presentation for a Q&A with the kids.

The equipment the school or library should have for the presentation is a quality LCD projector, a microphone (for bigger audiences) a screen and as many iOS devices you can round up. The best location is a large room where the lights can be dimmed/turned off so the projector can show the photos/apps at their best.


My Standard Fees:

(Payable two weeks in advance full refund if cancel 3 days before visit)

Note: these are American prices (USD) BUT my fellow Canadians can treat these as Canadian prices (CAD) too! (usually this will end up being a small discount)

  • $2000 honorarium for libraries (negotiable)
  • $5000 School Visit for a day (up to 4 presentations).
  • $2000 minimum for one classroom presentation.
  • $3500 for a two-hour Family Math Night
  • $3500 for a 45 min – 1 hour Keynote
  • $7000 for School Visit + Family Math Night
  • plus transportation, room, meals.
    • With the exception of Lethbridge Alberta area, which is local, if I drive, there will be a $.50 per mile charge added in.
    • If I need to fly (if greater than 6 hours driving) I charge a flat rate of $2000 + $250 for every additional night anywhere in the United States and Canada.

There are Ways to Get Me to Your School for Less:

  1. Split the cost of a plane ticket, lodging, and meals with other local schools in your town. I’ll spend one day in ‘School A’, one day in ‘School B’, one day in ‘School C’, etc.
  2. Arrange to have me come to your school when I’m already going to be in your area and save the cost of a plane ticket or a charge per mile to drive.
  3. Have a school raffle and sell $1 tickets/chances for a copy of each of my apps before my visit. I’ll even donate the apps for your raffle!
  4. Arrange for a fun place in your area for me to bring my partner on a mini vacation — a cabin in the mountains, an apartment on the beach, a cute little Bed & Breakfast, etc. You arrange for accommodations for a few days, I’ll spend a day at your school for free!
  5. You’re a friend, or relative and I’m going to be in your area for some reason.
  6. Arrange to hold a contest: “Dinner with the Author Night”. Open it up to the whole town, advertise in the local papers and radio, sell chances for $5.00. The winning family will have dinner with the author, the school will more than make the cost of the school visit — everyone wins. I will even donate copies of all my apps as a gift for the winning family.

How to Get the Most Out of my Visit to Your School:

  • I like to keep the day to four or five presentations. Plus an evening with parents!!
  • I have several different types of presentations. Let me know what your needs are and I will modify it to fit your particular school.
  • Have the school librarian and math teachers read my books or play my apps with the students before my visit so they will be familiar with my work.
  • Please announce my upcoming school visit in the local paper and radio stations. I can set aside some time while I’m there for photos and/or interviews.
  • Send home an introduction about my visit, the book & app titles, and prices with instructions as to how to pay for them in advance of my visit.
  • Give children some fun assignments relating to the math in my books to display in their rooms or hallways the day of my visit. (check out some fun ideas here)
  • I do not allow my presentations to be videotaped, but feel free to take all the photos you want while I’m there. And, if you mail some to me, I will use them here on my website!