Past Presentations


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August 2013 Serious Play Conference
August 2013 Serious Play Conference (panel)
August 2014 Serious Play Conference
Feb 2014 CCTA
Feb 2014 SEATCA
Feb 2014 CATCA
Feb 2014 GETCA
March 2014 CEATCA
April 2014 EETC

Presentation Titles

Justin Holladay

Speaking/Workshops/Classroom Visits….

Contact Me (Justin Holladay) to arrange a visit to your school or library. I’d love to demonstrate My Math Apps for your students (similar to a author visit or book tour but with apps)!

I would also love to come to your school and work with your K-9 teachers! I can come during the school year, or I’m available for professional development sessions throughout the summer. I can tailor a presentation to your needs, but you can bet it will include number sense, problem solving, hands-on activities and My Math Apps and my File Folder Math Games.

I am available for presentations, workshops or classroom visits. I can be reached at or 403-308-8529.