Competition Rules

Competition Rules

If you do not receive your item or you do not receive what you were expecting, please get in touch and I will help where I can.


Daily Prizes:

    • Daily Winners! Simply “comment” and “like” each Facebook Update to be entered to win a daily prize (games, activities, posters and more…)
    • Each “Status Update” will have a winner…That’s over 30 prizes you could win easily! prize! That’s over 30 Prizes!!!

Grand Prize:

        • You must signup with your email address to enter to win the Grand Prize Here
        • Get extra entries by “sharing” the grand prize page through a various different methods. Liking, Tweeting, Pinning….

Closing Date/Time

The timestamp on the blog is final. Any entries received after closing time will still be approved and visible to readers, but will not count towards the competition.

The Winners

Winners are announced on our Facebook page. Entrants are asked to provide a valid email address. When someone wins a reply is posted to their winning comment, which is automatically emailed to them. Winners are not always emailed to say that they have won. It is up to winners to email me their addresses at mathfilefoldergames (at) gmail (dot) com. Where possible I will try a second time to get in touch with winners, but there isn’t always time for individual follow up. Prizes not claimed within 30 days will be forfeit.

Winners are drawn using WordPress plugin ‘And The Winner Is’ to select a random person’s name, and their comment.

Cookies and Disclosure

Feel free to send as many as you like. No, seriously. Once upon a time, blogging was all about fun. Now there are so many rules to follow, it sometimes loses its appeal. So, I have to tell you that this site uses cookies. I use Google Analytics and a bunch of other things to track how many visitors I receive, how long they stay and where they visit from. While I can track your IP address, and probably would if you were rude or insulting or threatening, if you’re just visiting, it’s fine – I don’t need to know everything about you. (But feel free to share in the comments if there’s something you’d like me to know.)

Also, I sometimes get paid to put a link in a post. If I do, I always tag it as a sponsored post. A link might mean I’m writing about something I wouldn’t ordinarily, but rest assured, I won’t be recommending something I don’t approve of, and wouldn’t be linking to something I thought was bad. That said, opinions are just that – as always, do your own research. I don’t do sponsored posts often, but I need to put food on the table too, so sometimes it’s a pain free way to buy a week’s groceries.

I won’t tell you something is good if I haven’t tried it. And I won’t review it and do a competition of it unless I think it is good. And I have to tell you that so that I don’t risk losing my page rank.

I hope you enjoy your stay, and the rules don’t affect you too much.