Math Jokes for Kids and Teachers

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“I love these! I hang a new joke up during every topic and my kids get a kick out them.” – Jeanellyn Hemmerick

“Love this. Made my students laugh and question what the other ones mean. Great job.” – Noreen J.

“Just what I was looking for! Great for my joke of the week board!” – Jackie L

original-968333-4[1]“Kids really enjoyed these and came to school with more of their own.” – Buyer

“I am such a nerd when it comes to math jokes. Absolutely love and hope my students do too!” – Kodee P.

“This was exactly what I was looking for to go along with our “Humor” theme of the month. My students loved the fun cartoon that went along with each joke.” – Caitlin D.

“Awesome – Love this and so will my students!” – Roseanne W.

“Love it! Creative and funny! Cute illustrations, too.” – Elizabeth Matts

original-968333-3[1]What’s included:
Here are 99 of the best math jokes that kids love, these would be great to use in a math joke of the day! (Teachers might think that these are corny math jokes, but trust me your students will love them!)

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PDF Book – to print off and share with your students
PPT Slides – to display on your Smartboard/projector
JPEG Files – to use anywhere you want such as inserting them in your worksheets, handouts or bulletin boards.

Math Jokes for Kids and Teachers

Math jokes never work on meIntroducing humor in a mathematics class, at any level, can help reduce students’ math anxiety and make math more interesting. Mathematical humor can be demonstrated in many forms: direct questions, stories, riddles, fill in the blanks, quotations, and even humorous illustrations.

Research shows that besides making a class more fun and interesting, humor also improves students’ test grades. The higher the level of mathematics, the more fun a class can be, since getting the humor requires an understanding of the math involved.

Other than making the class more relaxed and more fun, is there any educational value in using humor in a classroom? According to scholars and researchers, indeed there is!

Make telling math jokes a regular part of your mathematics classroom.

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