Feedback Giveaway

For every 100 reviews on any product over $10 I will be giving ONE person FULL access to my MEGA Bundle ($297 Value). This means that you can get multiple entries through multiple product purchases.


Reviews need to be honest feedback and that’s it, I’ll leave it at that. Any feedback will enter you in the “100 Reviews Giveaway” BUT I definitely prefer awesome feedback 🙂

Ratings & Reviews are crucial to my business and I know they help other teachers know whether to purchase my products.


Step 1: if you have purchased any product over $10 in the past, simply go back to TPT and leave feedback.

Step 2: after that, enter the information requested into the form below (Name, TPT Name, Email, product reviewed…)

Step 3: Wait to be notified if you won! (for every 100 reviews there will be a new winner)

[gravityform id=”3″ title=”false” description=”false”]


But what if I purchased something over $10 on your website NOT TPT, can I still enter?

YES, simply fill out the same form below BUT this time leave a new review, so that I can post it on my website.

I’ve purchased more than one thing over $10, can I enter multiple times?

YES! Just simply submit the form below twice. There is actually 22 potential items over $10 in my store, if you have purchased ANY or ALL of them you can enter the Giveaway up to 22 times! So I guess you would have a 22% chance of winning with 22 entries out of 100!!!