Elementary Math Games

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Slapping: Multiplication & Division Buy this Game on TeachersPayTeachers – $4 Number of Players Two Number of Pages 34 Materials Twelve sets of four cards. In each set the four cards show basic multiplication & division combinations for the same product/quotient. Rules: Before play starts the player agree […]

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advertising coverSlapping: Addition & Subtraction Game 34 Pages Buy this Game on TeachersPayTeachers – $4 Rules: Before play starts the player agree on the sum that will be the key number. For example they might agree that 7 will be the key number. Addition Key Numbers: 6, 7, […]

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Snake - Back of Card2

Snake Counting Game Get this Math Game on TeachersPayTeachers – FREE Major Concept: Matching sets and numerals Number of Players: Two or more Number of Pages: 41 Materials: One of each of the cards in this set: Rules: The dealer shuffles the deck and deal each player […]

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Attributes: Reason with Shapes and their Attributes Game Buy this Game on TeachersPayTeachers – $4 MAJOR CONCEPT: Attributes of Shapes NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Two to four NUMBER OF PAGES: 107 MATERIALS: Thirty-two cards in sets of four. In each set, the figures on the cards are the same […]

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5th Grade Math Games

Entrapment: Transformation Math Games
Recognize motion as a slide (translation), turn (rotation) or a flip (reflection). The objective of this game is to be the last player to draw a given shape on the game board….


Estimate ‘N Measure: Measurement Game

Estimate and measure the perimeter of irregular shapes. The objective of the game is to be the first to measure the distance around his or her shape.


5 Dice: Order of Operations Games
Order of Operations Games: Solve problems involving multiple steps and multiple operations. Role the dice, these values are now used to….



Fraction Relay: Proper Fractions Games
Represent and describe proper fractions. These players return to their teams and help their teammates build this fraction using the base ten blocks


Swap Meet: Math Games Patterns
Construct and expand patterns in two and three dimensions, concretely and pictorially. The objective of this game is to be the first player to construct the first six elements in a given pattern.

  • Most of our math games can be modified and used with different grade levels.
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