Fun Long Division Worksheets / Mazes

Slide1Long division is important for students to learn, but practicing these can be a bore; these 110 mazes/worksheets add a fun factor to practicing Long Division with numbers between 0 – 99 & 100 – 999 so that students will actually look forward to completing their math work.

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What’s Included:
55 Mazes – Long Division with numbers between 0 and 99
55 Mazes – Long Division with numbers between 100 and 999

These mazes build in difficulty so that you can easily differentiate for your different learners while maintaining rigorous instruction for all of your students.

Long DivisionThese Long Division worksheets/mazes gives the students a fun and differentiated activity while allowing for quick and painless grading! This is a great activity for students to complete as a practice or homework. It will help them practice their math, but also have fun going through the maze!

Students will have more than one option for each answer, so they must correctly simplify the expression in order to find the solution.

The maze is easy for the teacher to check quickly, so that students will be able to correct their errors right away.

Included in this product is 110 Long Division with numbers between 0 – 99 and 100 – 999 maze pages and an answer key for each maze

Once again I love how the answer key allows a quick way to check the maze for mistakes.

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